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Gregg Edelen, artist of essence

For Gregg Edelen, pottery is medicine.

A retired sheriff’s deputy from Butte, Montana, Gregg has witnessed some pretty tough scenes. Gregg has used art to actively heal. He finds beauty and solace working with clay. He pursues joy; you can hear it in his chuckle and see it in his smile. From forming wet clay to tending a wood-fired kiln all night long, to driving from Butte to Helena to teach, deliver or create, Gregg takes truly embraces all his creative process has to offer.


Gregg fishes, but doesn’t so much care about catching fish. He cares about camaraderie, long-time friendships, laughter by a campfire, the sound of a fish slurping a topwater fly. He hunts but doesn’t care about the harvest. He cares about the absolute love he has for his hunting dogs, their dedication, loyalty and affection. He cares about breathing in the landscape and having the freedom to roam. Gregg is a lover of process, a person of essence. He chooses to create but really feels that, in many ways, the drive to create chose him.



Woven into Gregg’s platters, cups and vases, are elements of his passions. You’ll find subtle landscapes within the design, flies he has tied for fishing adventures, imprints of tails and fins, glaze patterns that resemble rainbow trout. Gregg surrenders his pieces, at times, to a wood-fired kiln, which requires 18-hour stretches of constant attention and re-loading of wood. It requires loyal dedication and trust between the elements and the artists. When finished, each vessel has been kissed by the heat and is one of a kind.

Gregg is a Montana native, a family man, a teacher, a photographer, a music lover, and insists that any tie-dyed t-shirt he wears be handmade. His favorite drink is a Virgin Mary, he drinks exactly one beer a month (with pizza) but never drinks coffee or eats potatoes. Ever. He loves sunsets over water, visiting forgotten towns and telling corny jokes to kids.

Come in to catch the broad scope of Gregg’s work featured in our current exhibit for just a few more days.

Tari Nelson-Zagar Violin Concert Sept 24

Sound Gallery Presents

Tari Nelson Zagar at 1+1=1

We’re excited to have Seattle violinist, Tari Nelson Zagar, back in her hometown at Sound Gallery this month. If you attended last year’s performance by Tari, you know it was a rare treat and we had a full house.

In this performance Nelson-Zagar brings another evening of sound exploration to the gallery, using found sound, improvisation, and discovering new music conversations hidden in old treasures. You might hear jazz standards, a virtuosic violin concerto, or an old cowboy song. You might want to bring all the bells you own, too!

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Wood & Wax Exhibit Opens October 6

We are thrilled about our upcoming exhibit, Wood & Wax, featuring a handful of talented artists who've dedicated their craft to working with two beautiful and challenging mediums in diverse ways.  They've shaped, molded, painted, carved, sanded and melted in means that promise to surprise and delight.

When: Opening Reception Oct 6. Show runs through Nov 14.

Where: 1+1=1 Gallery, 434 North Last Chance Gulch

What: Casual panel-style gallery talk by the artists from 5:30 to 6p. Wine/appetizer reception 6 to 8p.

Who: anyone interested in fine contemporary art, folks who want to learn more about woodworking and encaustic; adults and children. Everyone is welcome.

So ... Wood and Wax:

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Current Exhibit – From Earth

Tidepool Bowl by Trudy Skari
FROM EARTH: Clay & Pigment


Our next exhibit opens Friday, August 18th and of course, we invite you to join us for an opening night reception from 5 to 8pm. Three ceramic artists join one of our favorite painters with all new works in clay and acrylic paint. All four of these artists have been with us since our first year and we are proud to exhibit their newest work!

With diverse mediums, techniques and styles, the exhibit is curated to connect us with the source of our creative vision – our Earth.

Featured artists are Andrea Cross Guns, Gregg Edelen, Trudy Skari and Susan Mattson. Please join us during the reception to meet the artists and hear brief gallery talks between 5:30 and 6pm. Wine and appetizers will be served after the talks.

Come at 5pm if you have your eye on something and want first dibs! (We will update the website with photos of some of the artworks as we receive them. Contact us if you see something you want.)

Andrea Cross Guns has been working hard in her studio painting into the wee hours. Her background as a teacher, poet, musician and composer play beautifully into the evolution of her newest paintings. I cannot wait to hang this show because it’s been awhile since we’d had new paintings by Andrea. Our walls will be vibrating with expressive color — I’m so excited!

Gregg Edelen will have all-new atmospheric kiln pottery, including some fabulous naked-raku vessels in the exhibit. We have  gorgeous new serving platters, yunomi cups, tea bowls, tumblers, whiskey shots and mugs by Gregg. Tim Carney will have a few traditional Japanese tomobaku boxes available for Gregg’s yunomi’s and tea bowls. You have to see how the cups look in a tomobaku — they make wonderful gifts!

Susan Mattson’s latest work is a further development of her sought-after vessels with torsos or animal heads on top. As she makes the vessels, she forms hundreds of faces on the outside, each feature individually marked with clay tools, and each face the result of a meditative, transformative personal process. The energy she embues in her sculptures is palpable, remarkable and often unanticipated.

Trudy Skari continues to take her ceramic sculptures in new directions and has been branching out into both functional and non-functional sculptural pottery. Trudy has recently begun working with more texture, and will be showing some sculptural platters and bowls reminiscent of tide pools, the forest floor and sumptuous gardens. You will be surprised and delighted to see Trudy’s newest artwork, as well as some of your favorite, expressive Trudy-heads and small sculptures.

Elements of Earth used by the four artists are the common thread in this exhibit.
Clays used for ceramic sculpture or functional pottery come from the Earth, and are transformed by Fire — from something resembling skin, leather, powder and milk — to a durable substance like stone or hard dry river banks.
Clay fields are shaped by water and the sun, cracking over time into surfaces of mystery and fascination. Artists shape clay with hands and tools, with water, fire and pigments into objects of beauty, sensuality and function.
Painters move pigment around on their surface of choice with brushes, knives and fingers. Their pigments made from earth: diatoms, carbon, cadmium, copper, china clay, iron oxide and other minerals and these days, pigments synthesized from minerals like petroleum. Some pigments include clay: China clay, viridian, umber and sienna.
As you look around at the artwork in this exhibit, consider how each artist utilizes earth elements to express their unique voice and take on life.

Welcome our Newest Gallery Staff

Introducing Claire Bachofner


I was humbled by the many wonderful job applicants for our position at 1+1=1 Gallery.

I was truly humbled by the interest and enthusiasm of the fifteen individuals who were interested in continuing and enlarging upon the service our gallery provides for the community of Helena, Montana. We had two applicants from other cities in Montana, as well as many very qualified applicants from Helena, from all walks of life. It was difficult to narrow down the field, and we are grateful to everyone who applied. Thank you so much for your interest!

After a process I was new to (and with the help of one of our artists, Maureen Cole, who is a retired human resources director for the Forest Service) we chose someone we believe will take 1+1=1 to a new level with Tim and myself. She is an incredible human being: I already know that by spending time with her at the gallery, and hearing nothing but 1000% (not an extra zero there) positive remarks about her from everyone who knows her and has worked with her. I am super excited to have Claire on the gallery team. And I think all of our customers and represented artists will love her.

Claire and her partner, Phil, have two kiddos, ages two and four. She majored in Creative Writing at UM in Missoula and loves to write, practice yoga, spend time outdoors and model one of the best self-care-practices I’ve heard of. She is generous, eloquent, friendly, smart, knowledgeable about art and best of all, enthusiastic about the mission of our art gallery. 

Claire will be helping me stay in better touch with collectors, our roster of artists and potential artists, customers and media. She will be more in charge than I am, of social media (though I’m not going to give it up) and advertising; help plan events and exhibits, make press releases, update our website, write articles on our artists, gallery updates and newsletters and generally do much more communication than I have had time to do over the last almost 4 years. I’m sure I will be calling her our communications-angel very very soon.

What this means for me besides better communications with everyone who cares about our gallery? Omg — it means I will have more time to make my own art in my studio. And maybe more time to teach more workshops and art classes to kids and adults. I am so thankful for that. I can’t wait!

Claire will generally be at the gallery 4 days a week, so please stop by sometime soon and welcome her to the gallery and to the 400 block of Last Chance Gulch.

Watch for more timely updates on the website and more regular news updates via Mailchimp, if you have subscribed. If you haven’t subscribed, oh my gosh, why not? We respect your privacy and really truly don’t spam your inbox. Click here to subscribe to our once or twice monthly newsletters and announcements.

Claire Bachofner,  welcome! Thank you for taking a chance with us.

Downtown Helena First Friday Tabla Jazz Fusion and Indian appetizers

Join us Friday, August 4th for Downtown Helena’s First Friday celebration!

We have a fun family-friendly special event planned for the evening.

Veggie Pakoras and ice cold chai by Ishinder Kaur …  Live performance of Tabla-Jazz Fusion by Jaskrit and Haransh Singh from 5:30 to 7:45 or so.

Hope you can make it to the 400 Block anytime between 5 and 8pm. Homemade traditional Indian appetizers will be served until the food and drink are gone. We’ll have other cool beverages for those who don’t want chai. 😉

While you’re enjoying the music and refreshments, take in our current exhibit, the First Annual Art Jewelry and Figurative Art Invitational, and check out what we’ve put up in the Back Gallery. As always, we offer the best (!) gift wrapping in town — it’s free and given with love.


We know there are many events happening this weekend, and Friday in particular. Consider spending a little time supporting your very special downtown before or after you attend another event!

Come listen to Jaskrit and Haransh Singh’s fabulous fusion of Indian tabla and jazz music, then head over to the Herb & Garden, Funky Trunk, Aizada Imports and JMac’s Pottery. AND — Don’t miss the 3rd anniversary party of Mountain Sage Gallery right across the street from 1+1=1. They’re planning a fun birthday-bash.

Everything is free! We hope to see you at the gallery. Call 431-9931 for more info.

Encaustic Workshops with Darla Myers

One-Day Intro to Encaustic Workshops at 1+1=1 Gallery Studio

Learn the Basics of Encaustic Painting in an intimate, hands-on, art-studio class setting. All supplies included, just bring yourself and fearless creativity.

September 17, 10 – 4:30
October 7, 10-4:30
Cost per one-day workshop: $150 includes instruction, all materials and tools, and a gourmet lunch

Choose one or both workshops


In these Introduction to Encaustic Painting workshops, you will learn the history of encaustic painting and it’s current resurgence as a painting medium. Instructor demonstrations, examples, as well as lots of student painting time allow for hands-on learning. This workshop covers exploring painting techniques with encaustic, fusing and layering. It also includes demonstration of collage and toner-based image transfers specific to encaustic painting. Other topics include choosing encaustic materials, studio setup, safety considerations and care of encaustic artworks.

Some painting experience is suggested but not required. Individual creativity and experimentation is encouraged while learning to paint with the molten wax (encaustic.) Darla is an excellent teacher as well as experienced artists. She provides a professional, creative, fun and encouraging learning experience for all.

Workshop supplies include: two 10×10 birch plywood panels (to paint on) encaustic paint and oil sticks, encaustic medium, collage and image transfer materials.

Wear comfortable shoes, as you may be standing much of the day. Dress comfortably in clothes you don’t mind messing up — you could drip wax on your clothes and it’s hard to get out!

No loose clothing (sleeves) or hair as you will be using torches. We will have working aprons and gloves available.

Darla Myers

Instructor Darla Myers lives in Bozeman where she has her own studio and teaches workshops. She is represented in Helena by 1+1=1 Gallery.  Darla will be one of two featured encaustic artists in an upcoming October 2017 exhibit, titled “Wood and Wax.”

Variantrio Project to Perform at Sound Gallery

Please join us for an evening of soul-jazz-chamber music performed by up and definitely coming group, Variantrio Project. Stephen Gores on piano, Holly Hamper on vocals, Maren Haynes Marchesini on cello, Andy Cottrell on percussion with special guest, Mj Williams on trombone. Don't miss this one! at 1+1=1 Gallery June 23rd 7 to 9pm

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BODY: Art Jewelry and Figurative Art Invitational

BODY: First Annual Art Jewelry & Figurative Art Invitational

July 7th – August 15th


Running from July 7 through August 15, BODY will focus on one of a kind artist-made jewelry and unique figurative woodcuts and ceramic vessels. Please join us Friday evening, July 7th for an opening reception and to meet the artists.

Art jewelry pushes the boundaries of what we may think of as ornament for our bodies. We have invited jewelry artists whose work is one of a kind, contemporary or traditional, to be part of the show. Montana, national and international jewelry artists will be featured.

Figurative art can often push our buttons, disturb us or affirm us. Figurative artists challenge us with their reflections on gender and human bodies, to think about ourselves with awareness, tenderness, acceptance and even forgiveness. Ouida Touchon of New Mexico and Laurie Shaman of Illinois are the featured figurative artists this year.


Contemporary one-of-a-kind body ornament

Large figurative woodblock prints

Bodies on ceramic vessels

Fascinating artists

Scrumptious food


Lovely company

Elegance all around

July 7th 5 to 8pm: it’s the weekend after the 4th of July — you know you’re gonna wanna!

featured artists in First Annual Art Jewelry & Figurative Art invitational:

Ouida Touchon

Laurie Shaman

Margaret Regan

Bonnie Lambert

Lori Blaylock

Kris Kramer

Shelley Jones

Dave Barnes

Virginia Nicolucci

Judy Kline

Kat Allen

Paul Guillemette

Pyper Hugos

Suzy Fabian


We’re Hiring

1 plus 1 is 1 Gallery Logo

UPDATE: We were humbled and honored to have 15 applicants for the job, some from Missoula and Billings even! There were so many talented, skilled folks who wanted to work here that we were sorta overwhelmed deciding. Thank you to everyone who applied for the job, and everyone who told someone about the job.

We are very happy to announce we hired Claire Bachofner in July, 2017. Read more here. 

Job Announcement for Communications and Gallery Assistant

Download a pdf file of the job description: Gallery Position Description 


about us

1+1=1 opened four years ago as a contemporary fine art gallery in downtown Helena, Montana. Owners, Tim Carney and Maureen Shaughnessy are both working artists and are passionate about helping other artists work professionally with galleries and to promote their artwork.  A huge part of the 1+1=1 mission is to encourage art appreciators and develop a stronger arts community in Helena and Montana by helping those outside of the traditional art world to feel comfortable with modern art. This includes children of all ages (we are a child-friendly gallery) as well as adults from all walks of life. Our main focus is to be warm, welcoming, and down-to-earth while presenting art collectors and those brand new to art, with a range of very fine art to see, enjoy and buy.

Themed exhibits lasting from 4 to 6 weeks as well as our rotating ”Back Gallery” feature works by 28 local and regional artists we represent and invited artists from across the US and Canada. The gallery also hosts events such as art demos, workshops and classes in the owner’s studio; gallery talks, private parties … and Sound Gallery (a series of jazz, sound and spoken word performances.) 

about the position

Maureen has been managing the gallery alone and is finally admitting she needs help. This position begins as a part time position, with the possibility of becoming full time. Duties of the communications and gallery assistant will be varied and interesting. The person we are looking for will be collaborative, creative, focused, have passion and energy for the mission of the gallery; work well with customers and gallery owners; love art and be knowledgeable about art; be plugged into or able to be an integral part of the Helena arts community; and be a great communicator.

how to apply

If you are interested, or know someone who might be, please let us (and them) know. Download the Position Description (below). Position closes July 15th and we hope to have the job filled by the end of August. Thank you for your interest!

Some peeks into days and nights at 1+1=1 Gallery: