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Winn Lozar, Young Artist


Read Along with Winn Lozar’s Artist Talk


Hi. My name is Winn Lozar and I’m 9 years old, turning 10 this summer. Whenever I’m thinking of what kind of art to make, I get inspired by people I know that are always creative and I use ideas that are kind of like theirs. Also ideas just pop out of my imagination. 

I like going to the art studio because usually in school art I make art in the library and you have to be clean. But in the studio I can make a mess if I want to. Making art relaxes me and gives me a break from all the other crazy things happening and I can just be myself. No one interrupts me and I’m not bothered by anyone. 

“The Giant Ice Cream” is the title of one of my favorite pieces. I love ice cream and also I know a lot of other people like ice cream too. I used a layer technique here. First I painted warm colors and after it was dry I put cool white and blue and some other colors like copper. I made jaggedy lines and textures with my paint brushes and a tool with teeth on the sides. I also used a round sponge brush to make circles. I hope when people look at “The Giant Ice Cream” it makes them hungry and delighted. I made a double scoop because I wanted it to be really huge!

Thank you for listening to my talk and for supporting the organizations we chose to donate to, like the Grand Street Theater!  


Here are Winn’s pieces for sale: