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Young Voices 2020

Our Annual Young Voices Exhibit is Online – since we have had to temporarily close the brick and mortar Gallery!

1+1=1 Gallery opens a fabulous new exhibit of art students’ work on April 6th at 5:30 pm. Young Voices 2020 is also a fundraiser for two Helena non-profits chosen by the students themselves.

The Gallery’s art students range in age from 10 to 17. They have been working hard for over eight months on this exhibit. As they prepare for the show, students help set up the exhibit; curate, title, sign, and frame their work; write and practice artist talks; and help plan opening night. This year there will be a silent auction of eight artworks. We are excited to introduce this new element of fundraising to our gallery regulars.

Details: Young Voices 2020 opens Monday, April 6th at 5. Instead of our usual opening reception we will have a virtual tour of the exhibit, including videotaped artists’ talks by all eight young artists. Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity to support young artist and some very deserving local organizations! Besides, you won’t believe the prices on these gorgeous works of art.

Artists included in this show are: Scarlet Carpenter, Ivey Fitzgerald, Dalton Hudoba, Evey Linden, Isaiah Morse, Ema Terry, Justin Terry, and Cianna Williams.

As part of their preparation for the exhibit, students research and advocate for their favorite local non-profits. The process of choosing just two organizations to which they will donate 50 percent of their sales is a consensus process so that every child is happy with the choices of the group. This year the artists chose The Helena Food Share and Lewis & Clark Humane Society. Thank you for your support!