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Artist Made Jewelry at 1+1=1

Over the last five or six years, 1+1=1 Gallery has hosted at least one exhibit annually that celebrates the human body – and the brilliant, funky, elegant and creative ways artists make “decorations” for our bodies. This includes art jewelry – the kind you won’t find in high security fancy jewelry stores, but wonderful just the same!

Check out the selection on this page, of artist-made, one-of-a-kind jewelry we have featured throughout the years. See something you like? Ask us about it, and we’ll connect you with the perfect piece by that artist or if we cannot, then we’ll help you connect with the artist wherever they are.

Our 2021 BODY exhibit opens April 17th and runs through May 29, including a special Open House event the week before Mother’s Day. Watch for announcements of the exhibit, and sneak peeks at the newest art jewelry that will make appearances at the show.