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Young Voices 2019

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4th Annual Young Voices exhibit opens Friday, February 15th at 5:00pm

Please join us for an exceptionally wonderful event that supports blooming artists and local non-profits

Grab a snack and beverage, listen to youngsters and teens bravely deliver their artist talks, browse their exquisite work and choose a piece of framed, funky or elegant, ready-to-hang art for your home. The art is super affordable — and 75% of all sales go to local charities selected by the young artists themselves. What’s not to love?!

During the winter of 2018/2019, these students have worked with Maureen Shaughnessy in her studio, exploring different printmaking and painting mediums. Now, the gallery walls are theirs for the duration of the show which runs from February 15th- March 13th.


What’s so Special about the Young Voices art exhibit?

In preparation for this exhibit, Maureen’s students personally helped to mount the show; they chose, framed, signed and titled their pieces; helped to clean and paint the gallery walls and pedestals, wrote artist statements and gallery talks and, in return, gained life skills, generosity and confidence as young artists and entrepreneurs.

Artists featured are:

Ema Terry, Rachel Kuntz, Hannah Fleischmann, Adia Terry, Lilly Hamper, Evey Linden and Ciana Williams-Standley. These artists range in age from 9-16 years old.


The artists have generously chosen two local organizations as beneficiaries of the exhibit: 

 … and the winners are … God’s Love homeless shelter and the Holter’s Art for Survival Program.

As part of the preparation for this exhibit, we ask the students to research a list of a couple dozen local non-profits and to pick their top two or three favorites. They all come together and advocate — to each other — for their choices. This year we had some difficult choices to make. So many great organizations were on their short lists! After discussion and some lobbying, we use a consensus process to settle on two that everyone feels good about donating to. They are working hard to raise these funds, so we want them all to feel heard, and have ownership in the outcome.

As galleries do, artwork sales are split 50/50 with the artists. These seven youth will donate half of their commission and the gallery will donate all of ours. Your purchases encourage young artists in gaining confidence and contribute to these deserving local organizations. 

Check out some of the exhibit highlights and behind-the-scenes pics:

For more, go to our Facebook event page or Maureen’s studio Instagram account. We’ve been posting photos throughout the months of preparation. 


These classes and wonderful event would not be possible without the support of our community

We would like to thank the individuals who have made these classes and art exhibit possible with their own generosity. Christine Eckel donated all of the frames. Three anonymous donors contributed two full scholarships for students from low-income families. And the Alex Team asked 1+1=1 Gallery to manage an auction of Alexandra Swaney’s personal art collection, with proceeds going to our scholarship fund and to Musikanten Montana, two of her favorite causes. The Alex Team is MJ Williams, Nancy Owens, Melissa Kwasney, Nan Parsons, Bryher Herak and John Sims. It takes a village to raise a child. And a village’s engagement and commitment to each other, to create a great place to live for all.

To everyone who attends openings, purchases art, donates time and funds, comes in on ordinary days to view and appreciate the art of all of our artists: Thank you for your ongoing support.

~ Maureen Shaughnessy and Tim Carney

Shop Small Works until December 24th

This year's Small Works Gift Show opened at 1+1=1 Gallery to a big crowd of enthusiastic shoppers and art lovers. Friday night and Saturday saw dozens of small and affordable artworks gift wrapped and heading out the gallery door. We are so happy to feel supported by the Helena community -- and to in turn, give our artists the motivation to keep working in their studios! Read on for photos of selected pieces from the show, and an answer to the question, why buy art for a gift?

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Studio Art Sesh Calendar and Topics

Teen painting class at Brown Bird Studio

Winter kids’ studio art sesh series topics:

Nov 18 Printmaking – Carve small and large linoleum blocks for relief prints

Nov 25 Printmaking – Print our relief prints and start collagraph plates (if time)

Dec 2 Printmaking – Collagraph and drypoint etching plate making

Dec 9 Printmaking – Print on etching press from our collagraph/drypoint plates

Dec 16 – Collage Explorations – Collage on paper and wood panels using some of our prints, decorative papers, old stuff and cool stuff.

Jan 6 – Body Parts Sculptures – Cast hands, feet, arms or legs to make sculptures with plaster. Work in pairs.

Jan 13 – Body Parts Sculptures – Finish our body parts sculptures


The Young Voices Art Exhibit opens Friday evening, February 15th

All art students of Maureen’s are strongly encouraged to participate. We will be meeting after school on 4 to 6 days in late January and early February to prepare for the exhibit. The students will be expected to choose the work that will be in the show; frame and title their pieces, write a short bio and artist statement, prepare a 2-minute gallery talk about their art and help plan and prepare the show and opening reception. It’s an incredible opportunity for the kids to participate in some of the behind-the-scenes work that goes into an exhibition. And they will gain lots of life skills in the process!

Photos from previous years’ Young Voices exhibits

Spring kids’ studio art sesh series TBA

Further explorations in creativity will be offered in a Spring 2019 series from March through May. We’re really excited about the topics we plan to offer to kids and adults. If you missed registering your child for the first series (above) please come in to the gallery to sign up on a list for the spring seshes.


2018 Annual Small Works Show


gifts … ornaments … artist-made-cards … small-artworks … ceramics … wood … collagraphs & etchings … tiny paintings … tiny encaustics … jewelry … smallish sculptures … cups & mugs … really amazing items to give to your loved ones … all affordable … all made by artists

and …

we gift wrap for free!

When fall comes around we feel like time flies faster than other times of year. Before we know it, the holidays will be here and then time zooms! Mark your calendars for our Annual Small Works Show! November 30th is the opening night and the show runs through December 30th.

This is our 5th winter of hosting a wonderful gift-focused show featuring artwork by over 30 artists All of the artists are hard at work like elves, in their studios. They are making affordable art (everything is $300 or under and most items are between $50 and $100) as well as handmade greeting cards and handmade ornaments! please join us on opening night to get the best selection on November 30th.

Remember, as our gift to you, we wrap your purchases with our artistic, every-package-different gift wrapping style. All you need to do is ask and we’ll do it happily! We’ll even toss in a handmade gift-tag.

If you miss the opening or if you are like me, a last-minute shopper — we’ll be here for you until Christmas Eve Day, December 24th. See you!


Artists participating in Small Works this year:

Andrea Cross Guns
Andrew Rivera
Angie Moretti
April Werle
Becky Street
Betsey Hurd
Bonnie Lambert
Boyd Carson
Carla Potter
Carol Montgomery
Cristina Marian
Dan McArdle
Darla Myers
Debbie Smith
Eliza Weber
Gabe Shaughnessy
Joan Mamelok
John Andrew
Joyce Watts Coolidge
Judy Kline
Julianne Marquis
Lauren Zalewski
Laurie Shaman
Maureen Cole
Maureen Shaughnessy
Molly Rivera
Nancy Goughnour
Page Kelly Piccolo
Patty Ceglio
Paul Guillemette
Sarah Magar
Sarahjess Swann
Susan Mattson
Tim Carney
Tina Garrick Albro
Trudy Skari




Wood & Wax Exhibit and Opening Night

A big thank you to everyone who came downtown for the opening reception of Wood & Wax 2018!

That was one of the best attended openings we’ve had since we started 1+1=1 Gallery. Just. Wow! What a great way to celebrate our 5th anniversary as a gallery — and to proudly show off the work of the seven encaustic and woodworking artists in the exhibit. We are so glad and so lucky to have the support of many members of the Helena community. Thanks again to you all!

Whether you were able to come in person to the opening night, or sometime before November 24th, when this show comes down, you are welcome to check out the exhibit pieces in our online catalog. If you are interested in a piece (or more than one) please click the “inquire” button by that piece and ask any question, on the note that pops up. We’ll get right back to you. We are happy to make flexible payment arrangements, and we ship just about anywhere. Thank you for your support.

Introducing our online catalog for Wood & Wax 2018:

As we try to do after every opening, we are posting some photos from the evening festivities:

Best Way to Mount Paper on Wood Panel

Problem: How to mount a heavy paper artwork to a large wood panel without making it all crooked and leaving bubbles and stuff?

I live with a problem solver.

My husband (and fellow artist) loves solving problems so much that sometimes I have to remind him I don’t need all my problems solved. Mostly I love that Tim has the kind of mind that creatively solves just about anything that needs solving.

For instance, how to glue down a painting or mixed media piece — straight — onto a cradled wood panel without bubbles, buckles and wrinkles. Evenly. So it will stay forever. Archivally. And without messing it up. I used to get so frustrated with this part of art-making … until Tim showed me his way(which he figured out because he glues wood veneers all the time.)

Problem Solved!

I bet there are lots of artists out there who would appreciate this simple, almost fool-proof way to attach paper to panel. So I took videos for you! This is Tim attaching my sister’s paintings to cradled wood panels he custom made for her. Let me know if these demos help (by commenting,) or if you have another method that works and want to share it, please do! Thanks for reading and watching. Good success to you. 😀

Scroll below video for more about this method…
Use this method for:

…anything you want to attach to cradled wood panels or plain wood panels that has to be put on straight and even. I have used this method to glue layers of paper to the panels, then painted and added other media afterwards. My sister and I both sometimes paint on large 200 or 300# papers, then glue down onto panels. This method can also be used to glue heavy-weight paper prints (etchings, monoprints, etc) to large cradled panels (so you don’t need frames — yay!)

suggested Supplies:
  • Archival contact cement – comes in large cans
  • Glue brush
  • Tiny dowels: we use 1/8 or 1/4 inch dowels cut long enough to work with many sizes of large panels
  • Clean brayer to roll over the top of your print

Here is a link to an album of videos and still images on Google Photos  

2nd Annual Wood & Wax Exhibit

postcard front for Wood & Wax exhibit

October 19 – November 24, 2018

It’s Our 5th Anniversary … Come Celebrate with Us!

Our second annual Wood & Wax exhibit opens Friday evening, October 19th and runs through November 24. Seven artists come together in this exquisite group show that features art made from wood and art made from beeswax, pigments and resins.

Who: anyone who likes art, particularly really cool art
What: opening reception to celebrate Wood & Wax exhibit AND our 5th Anniversary
Where: 1+1=1 Gallery at 434 N. Last Chance Gulch, Helena, Montana
When: Friday Oct 19 from 5 to 8pm
Why: cuz you like art, good food, and we like you!


Our 5th Anniversary Month — a Perfect Time to Bring Back One of Our Most Exceptional Exhibits: Wood & Wax

Since our beginnings five years ago, we have proudly represented some of the best Montana woodworkers, at 1+1=1 Gallery. Helena artists, Dan McArdle, Tim Carney and John Andrew, are back at the gallery with all new finely crafted carvings, furniture and turned wood vessels. This year we welcome another wood turner, Boyd Carson of Bozeman. This year, we are also introducing encaustic artist, Erika James, from Portland Oregon.

All seven of the artists in Wood & Wax 2018 are talented, mature artists and we are delighted to show their work! Although we show their work year-round at the gallery, seeing it in exhibit and meeting the artists is an experience not to miss!

Curious about encaustic art?

Come to our opening to find out more about encaustic. What it is. How to care for it, how these three artists have explored the wax medium in their unique ways.

Darla Myers of Bozeman Montana, returns to Wood & Wax with a series of sumptuous yet whimsical forest paintings. Myers’ emotive abstracts are distillations of nature’s colors, light and shadows. She spends many hours outdoors, hiking, sketching, camping and walking her dogs. When you see her encaustic images of forest trails, filtered light and seasonal color, you’ll be reminded of some of your favorite Montana places.

Joyce Watts Coolidge, a former fiber artist from Anchorage, Alaska, joins us for a second year with contemporary encaustic and sculptural mixed media pieces. Coolidge uses hundreds of layers of fused wax and pigment with horsehair, handmade paper and wood to evoke stories any of us might imagine. Joyce will be at the opening all the way from Alaska. Please give her a hearty Helena welcome!

Erika James’ dramatic encaustic landscapes are inspired by the fog, rain, gorges, coasts and crusty mountains of her native Oregon. She seems to have an emotional, even profound connection to gigantic earth forms that dwarf humans, yet the wax and pigment medium she uses give an intimate experience when viewed up close in person. Don’t miss seeing Erika’s work in Helena! We are betting you will love it.

Curious about woodworking and wood carving? 

Woodworkers have a saying that they “make sawdust.” Well, I think our woodworkers make “elegance.” Consider the wood objects you live with: wouldn’t your life be more lovely if some of those useful objects were elegantly made by an artist? If your answer is yes, don’t miss this exhibit! 

John Andrew, a long-time Helena resident who has been turning gorgeous bowls from local trees for many years and there are hundreds of folks in our town who are proud to own one of his masterpieces. Many of John’s wood bowls are truly functional though they must be given care. Every bowl John turns is a work of art!

Tim J Carney, one of Helena’s masters of fine furniture design and woodworking is displaying a stunning Cherry and Ebony dining table with chairs; a live–edge walnut bistro table with stools; and other fabulous pieces of live edge exotic and local woods. Tim has the reputation of making the most comfortable chairs in Helena. Come try one – you’ll agree!

Boyd Carson’s sensual turned wood vessels drew me in from my very first sighting. Our newest gallery artist, Boyd is a retired furniture maker and building contractor now living in Bozeman. His sculptural vessels are remarkable art pieces — and each one has a fascinating story. Come hear his stories!

Dan McArdle, an incredibly talented artist, makes gorgeous relief carvings on wood and stains them with dyes. His inspiration comes from the many hours Dan spends outdoors, fishing, mountain biking and back country skiing. Our customers have loved Dan’s ravens, wolves, trout streams and prairie scenes since we began showing them three years ago. You have to see what Dan made this time!

What’s With Our Name?

Visitors ask that question all the time

and we’re glad they do!

Our first pop-up exhibit was titled “1+1=1” 

We are nearing our 5th anniversary of being in business as an art gallery. Yay! Five years ago, Tim and I began a pop-up gallery exhibiting Tim’s finely crafted furniture and my pieces of trees, forests, dreams and water. The show was titled “1+1=1.” One artist plus one artist adds up to one family. One couple. One vision. One exhibit. (photo above is from our very first exhibit)

Our first exhibit in our first gallery space … the popup 1+1=1
That first exhibit, 1+1=1, was so successful, we decided to stay until the building sold a year later

Even after a year, we still weren’t sure we wanted to own a gallery … but … to honor a commitment we had made to six other artists to have an exhibit of their work, we had to find a space for their show!

Big Move. big decisions:

When we moved to our current location at 434 North Last Chance Gulch, the space required so much remodeling we decided, “Well, here we go. Let’s do this for real!” and we opened with six more artists. Today 1+1=1 Gallery represents over 20 artists and 36 additional artists are associated with the gallery.

And. Umm … the name stuck: 

1+1=1. We know. It’s technically wrong but … oh so right!  Over the years we’ve discovered unintentional benefits to having a non-logical name for the gallery. People remember our name because there is a built-in hook. The double-take. The quizzical second look. It’s a good conversation starter. It brings kids into the gallery to tell me my math is “wrong.” It’s short. And so much cooler than 1+1=2.

I have fun thinking of exhibit titles with our gallery name in mind:

There are some drawbacks to having numbers or special characters in a business name. The internet doesn’t like our ‘+’ and ‘=’ so our url has to use ‘plus’ and ‘is.’ Numbers look awkward in certain fonts.

Generally, though, we are glad to be 1+1=1. Our gallery name reminds us every day that Tim and I are a unit of energy, creativity and love. And that our mission is to spread that around wherever we can.

A few throwbacks to our first couple of exhibits:

Studio Art Seshes for kids teens and adults

Studio Art Classes and One-on-Ones Start November 2018

posted by Maureen Shaughnessy

My art classes are kinda un-normal:

I am offering some really fun art seshes this year. I am planning to teach teen one-on-ones; women’s workshops and kids’ studio seshes along with a couple of guest-artist one and two day workshops. These are not your typical “art classes” to learn a technique such as watercolor painting or drawing, although in the process of making, you will learn some great techniques!

I refer to my teaching as “studio creative seshes” and “expressive arts classes” because I go beyond technique. I encourage students of all ages to dive into a subject, explore unusual ways to express themselves and experience the delight of success no matter what you think you are capable of. I believe creativity exists in everyone and it needs to be awakened then nourished by building confidence, making stuff, playing around, contemplating the results with a critical eye, and actually getting down to it and doing. Stop thinking about making art and get doing!

Check out our topic line-up:

Painting with Music & Intuition  .  Self Portraits with Camera & Printing Press  .  Casting Body Parts  .  A Range of Printmaking Processes  .  Contemporary Collage Explorations  .  Making Our Own Paint Brushes

This year’s classes are for kids, teens or adult women:

  • Kids’ Creative Seshes are limited to 5 students ages 9 through 13 beginning on Nov 18th and will run through the winter on Sunday afternoons. We will have our annual “Young Voices” art exhibit and fundraiser in February with all Maureen’s students invited to participate in the show, even adults. Kids’ seshes generally last 3 hours with a snack break.
  • Studio one-on-ones for teens will be available by request on early-out Mondays after school beginning Nov 26th and will run through the rest of the school year. One-on-Ones are generally two or three hours long with a snack break.
  • Women’s Expressive Arts workshops will be announced as I organize them. Each workshop will be either one or two full days.


1. Do you have scholarships? Yep!

We do have a strong scholarship fund, so don’t be shy about applying for financial help for any classes. Send us an email to [email protected] letting us know you would like a scholarship. We are dedicated to making our art classes accessible to anyone with a desire to learn.

2. Where is the class schedule? 

Watch for an email announcement with our class schedule and workshop dates. Classes fill up very quickly, so when you see the schedule, jump on it! Kids must be registered for the entire season of studio sessions. Teens can do studio one on ones anytime I’m available. Women’s workshops will have a registration online or you can register and pay in person at the gallery.

3. Seems like your classes are so small. How can I possibly find out in time to reserve my space?

Our classes are small so I can give lots of individual guidance to each student. Be the first to get the class schedule. I notify folks who have subscribed to my class info list first. The day after I send that email out, I send it out to our general love-note list of 3000!  Sooo … if you are seriously interested and don’t want to miss out on getting a space in the series you want, subscribe with the blue button below. Make sure you add my email to your contacts list so it doesn’t end up in your promotions or spam folder!  Thank you.

How do I sign up my teen for some one-on-ones?

Teens ages 13 to 16 can come to my studio after school on available Mondays and either work alongside me while I am working on a personal project … or they can request that I teach them something specific within the mediums of drawing, painting or printmaking. If Monday’s don’t work for your teen, OR if my Mondays are filled, I am open to discussing another time that fits my schedule at the gallery. We have scholarships for these one-on-one sessions, however there is a very reasonable cost for supplies used.

Call me (431-9931) or email me at[email protected] to ask about one-on-ones. I’ll need your phone number and your teen’s name and age and interests. I’ll call you and set up a time to meet in person to talk about the sessions. I’m excited to meet you and your teen, and really love this way of sharing my creative heart.

I’m an adult. Can I still do a one-on-one with you? 

Yep, although the times I can do one on ones with adults are more limited. Stop by the gallery and let’s talk about it.

Subscribe to art class updates by clicking here: