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Our Artists are Part of Our Family

Our mission at 1+1=1 Gallery is to support and encourage emerging artists and represent established artists. At this time, we represent mostly Montana artists with a handful of artists whose work we love, from other parts of the West. 

Supporting and encouraging emerging artists means helping them learn how to interact with and work with galleries as well as promote themselves as professional artists. There are valuable lessons to be learned in the process of working with a gallery.

We provide help with things such as writing artist statements, how to give a gallery talk, communication with galleries and collectors, presenting your work professionally and cleanly, putting together a coherent body of work and photographing your work well. We also teach artists who are unfamiliar with social media how to promote themselves — and their gallery — effectively. 

We consider every artist we represent to be part of the 1+1=1 family. We work hard to sell their work, to present it beautifully in it’s best light, to tell their stories to customers and encourage them to grow and evolve as artists.

Our hope is that our emerging artists will eventually have exhibits in other parts of the country, find other galleries to represent them, go on to bigger and better venues — and never forget the place they launched their art careers. To that end, we wish every artist on our roster Good Luck and Blessings. 

Not to forget the mid-career and better known artists at 1+1=1, we are honored and pleased they want us to represent them in Montana. Thank you for trusting us and filling out the gallery with your creative vision! 

Click any of the images to visit that artist’s page on our site. Thank you for looking and supporting our venture. 

~ Maureen and Tim