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Ever had times when you feel like you’ve lost your mojo?

Hi you guys, it’s been awhile since I’ve written much on the gallery blog. I want to talk about being stuck, which is exactly how I feel right now. Most of the artists I know have had at least one time when they’ve felt really stuck. How about a huge interruption in your life that just seems to take the wind out of your artist-sails? Like, 6 months and counting?

That’s what happened to me

I haven’t pulled a print since an accident in September, when our sweet (large) dog, Shadow, knocked me over on a steep trail and I injured my knee.


Skip the next paragraphs if you’re in a hurry:

After a repair-arthroscopy and 7 weeks of rehab, we discovered that I had a hidden slow-growing infection inside the knee capsule that suddenly reached a critical point and made itself known with excruciating pain. A second surgery to wash out the bacteria in the knee, then hospitalization, and intravenous daily antibiotics left me bed-ridden at home for a week. During that time my health took a sharp turn for the worse. Tim and I both thought all of my symptoms were just from the infection.

It was only by luck that I was in the hospital getting an antibiotic infusion on the weekend, when the attending doc noticed my gray skin and admitted me. Turns out I had developed large blood clots in my leg while lying in bed at home and a life-threatening pulmonary embolism. Another hospitalization. Blood thinners. More antibiotics. Very scary.

Now, many months later I am walking (more like lurching) with a cane or single crutch, waiting until I can have the whole knee replaced. I have to wait til August or September. Meantime I have weekly labs, physical therapy, water therapy and ongoing antibiotics dominating my daily life. It will have been an entire year of dealing with this complications from that hiking injury! Sigh.

Needless to say, after all of that, I haven’t been in my studio — as in, worked in my studio — since September 2019. 

Last fall, before my injury, I had a few drypoint plates ready to print. Where the heck is my mojo now? I’m just not up to it yet. I kinda feel stuck. My knee is so sore, my leg muscles have atrophied into noodles and it’s hard to stand for longer than 5 minutes. The printmaking studio is set up for standing and walking between paper soaking area to press to inking table to press to drying rack … Not much sitting allowed!

But. How to get unstuck? How to chase that mojo and get going again? 

I do have a plan. I have to go slowly. I’ve tried in the last few weeks to spend more time in my studio, teaching my art students. Trouble is, after two or three hours, my body hurts and my energy level is somewhere near rock bottom. I know I have to ease into full days … little baby steps. Right now, I have to actually be in the studio to feel inspired. I have to get out my boxes and bins of scraps to feel inspired. I have a large flat box where I store pressed plant parts to use in my monoprints. Get those out!

flattened marguerites


Another flat box is full of shapes I use over and over in my monoprints. Certain motifs seem to show up frequently in my dreams and imaginings. Spirals, eggs, birds, clouds, zigzags and waves. These have printing ink on them – ink that takes forever to dry on the coated papers and card stock I use. I love the unpredictable nature of reusing shapes that have bits of printing and color on them.

monoprint plate with paper cutouts and pressed sage, ready to run through the press.

Then, there is a handful of larger boxes that hold piles of paper scraps for chine colle´ and collage. The colors and textures get my juicy brain going.

oh, just some yummy papers and a little bird


an assortment of ferns and lichens gives me color inspiration


wild rose stems and leaves placed on an inked drypoint plate make a lovely embossed image.

I just need to put all the plates I want to use out where I can see them. Get my supplies ready (it’s important to make a bit of a mess) and sort through the boxes for some delicious enticing papers and shapes. Then it’s time to PLAY – no pressure! The petals hit the metal now. Heh

Here’s an assortment of botanicals, papers and cardboard shapes to feast your eyes on. This is where I am going to try to find my mojo again. Do you keep your art stuff put away in boxes or is it usually out where you can always see it?

Young Voices 2020

Our Annual Young Voices Exhibit is Online – since we have had to temporarily close the brick and mortar Gallery!

1+1=1 Gallery opens a fabulous new exhibit of art students’ work on April 6th at 5:30 pm. Young Voices 2020 is also a fundraiser for two Helena non-profits chosen by the students themselves.

The Gallery’s art students range in age from 10 to 17. They have been working hard for over eight months on this exhibit. As they prepare for the show, students help set up the exhibit; curate, title, sign, and frame their work; write and practice artist talks; and help plan opening night. This year there will be a silent auction of eight artworks. We are excited to introduce this new element of fundraising to our gallery regulars.

Details: Young Voices 2020 opens Monday, April 6th at 5. Instead of our usual opening reception we will have a virtual tour of the exhibit, including videotaped artists’ talks by all eight young artists. Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity to support young artist and some very deserving local organizations! Besides, you won’t believe the prices on these gorgeous works of art.

Artists included in this show are: Scarlet Carpenter, Ivey Fitzgerald, Dalton Hudoba, Evey Linden, Isaiah Morse, Ema Terry, Justin Terry, and Cianna Williams.

As part of their preparation for the exhibit, students research and advocate for their favorite local non-profits. The process of choosing just two organizations to which they will donate 50 percent of their sales is a consensus process so that every child is happy with the choices of the group. This year the artists chose The Helena Food Share and Lewis & Clark Humane Society. Thank you for your support!




40 IN 4D: forty digital paintings viewed through augmented reality

40 in 4D features forty digital paintings by four diverse artists, all revealed in the gallery using augmented reality.

The exhibit runs from Sep 27 through Nov 9, 2019

Opening Night of our newest exhibit, 40 in 4d, is September 27th — which coincides with our 6th Anniversary as a fine art gallery as well as two solo shows in GalleryTWO behind the main exhibit floor at 1+1=1. We hope to see you this weekend!

1+1=1 Gallery will be showcasing an experimental interactive exhibit with four digital artists. “40 in 4D” opens September 27th with an evening reception at which the four artists will give a panel-style talk about their work and the interactive features of their paintings. Visitors will be able to see the artist’s process of painting each of the 40 paintings!

Traditional 2d artwork sits on a wall. 3d art may move in and out from the wall’s surface. In this exhibit, 40 in 4D, the artists use augmented reality to reveal their process, peeling back the paintings from the final result to the first digital brush or pencil stroke. Visitors will walk into 1+1=1 Gallery and see right there on the walls, the process behind all 40 paintings in the show.

Artists Featured:

Dan Cohen, Portland OR
Ryan Johnson, New York City
Andy Lunday, Portland OR
Gabe Shaughnessy, Portland OR

Lunday and Shaughnessy grew up in Helena and reside in Portland Oregon. Cohen also lives in Portland and Johnson is a New York City artist. Their exhibit at 1+1=1 is the first time the group has shown their paintings with the custom augmented reality app, 4D, developed by Shaughnessy.

Please join us for a very special exhibit opening night and anniversary celebration on Friday evening, September 27th from 5 to 8pm. Our openings are always fun opportunities to meet the artists and hear about their inspirations, motivations and methods. This time we have an even better opportunity for gallery visitors! The four 4D artists will give a panel-style talk Friday evening from 5:30 to 6 and will be available after the talk to show visitors how to use the custom-developed augmented reality app to view their paintings.

Saturday, September 28 there will be an Open House at the gallery, to meet the artists who will be available for questions, demonstrations of their painting methods and the custom app for the show. Come learn in a quieter atmosphere.

1+1=1 Gallery is located at 434 N. Last Chance Gulch in Helena. For more information about the upcoming exhibit, please call (406) 431-9931.


40 in 4D runs through November 9th. Stop by 1+1=1 Gallery anytime we’re open and see the show in person!

Shop 40 in 4D in Our Online Catalog

6th Anniversary Celebration & Opening Night for 3 Exhibits!

What: new exhibit, “40 in 4D” — featuring digital paintings by four artists. Also new solo shows by Tim J. Carney and Joyce Watts Coolidge in GalleryTWO

When: Opening Night Friday September 27; Open House Saturday Sept. 28;

Exhibit runs through Saturday November 4, 2019

Also: Saturday Open House from 11 to 4p. Come meet the artists for all the exhibits, and watch demonstrations of the augmented reality app for the digital paintings. Some hands-on. Beverages and Snacks served all day.

Where: 1+1=1 Gallery is located at 434 North Last Chance Gulch in Helena, Montana.

More Info: Call the gallery 406.431.9931 or email us


Our online catalog for 40 in 4D goes live on Sept. 27th! 

All artworks featured in 40 in 4D will be available through our online exhibit catalog beginning the day the show opens Watch for a link at the top of our home page here, or to make sure you don’t miss it, subscribe to our love notes and we will send you a link in an email that week.

Shop 40 in 4D in Our Online Catalog


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Wow – Six Years Already?

Really? Has it Been That Long?

Most of our gallery visitors and friends know at least a little of our story as an art gallery. We opened 1+1=1 six years ago as a pop-up gallery, thinking we would keep it open for a month or two.

We had picked up a pebble and tossed it into the water …

We stayed on in our first space until the owner sold the building. By that time we had committed to 6 other artists, that we would have an exhibit of their work. So we looked around for another temporary space.

Watched the ripples spread outward just a bit …

We found a great space on the 400 Block, but it demanded so much effort, cash and time to make it workable, that we decided to take a big leap and become a long-term “real” fine art gallery.

Realized we weren’t going to conjure big tides in one fell swoop …

That first year in our current space, our mission as a gallery became clear to us, but it was a big undertaking for two working artists, as we put all of our savings into the gallery.

Tossed a few more pebbles …

  • To create a stronger arts community in Helena.
  • To support local and regional artists who wanted to grow their careers.
  • To be such an inclusive art space that anyone – anyone – would feel welcome whether they were knowledgeable about art or not.
  • To build a space where people could gather to appreciate art, find art to buy, and have a good time together.

All those pebbles are still making ever-widening ripples, lapping and overlapping with other ripples made by other arts organizations and local businesses.

And yes, a tide in Helena is lifting all of the arts and all of its citizens together.  Thank you for being part of it!


Intro to Encaustic Workshop with Darla Myers

One-Day Intro to Encaustic Workshop by Bozeman Artist, Darla Myers

Learn the Basics of Encaustic Painting in an intimate, hands-on, art-studio class setting. All supplies included, just bring yourself and your fearless creativity.

October 5th Evening Intro 5:30 to 7-ish
October 6, 10-4:30
Cost: $175 includes instruction, all materials and tools, printed handouts, snacks and beverages. Bring your own lunch

Register Now, below. Space is Limited to 6 Participants:

button to register for workshop


In Darla’ Introduction to Encaustic Painting workshop, you will learn the history of encaustic painting and its current resurgence as a painting medium. Instructor demonstrations, examples, as well as lots of student painting time allow for hands-on learning. This workshop covers exploring painting techniques with encaustic, fusing and layering. It also includes demonstration of collage and toner-based image transfers specific to encaustic painting. Other topics include choosing encaustic materials, studio setup, safety considerations and care of encaustic artworks.

Some painting experience is suggested but not required. Individual creativity and experimentation is encouraged while learning to paint with the molten wax (encaustic.) Darla is an excellent teacher as well as an experienced artist. She provides a professional, creative, fun and encouraging learning experience for all.

Workshop supplies include: birch plywood panels (to paint on) encaustic paint and oil sticks, encaustic medium, collage and image transfer materials.

Wear comfortable shoes, as you may be standing much of the day. Dress comfortably in clothes you don’t mind messing up — you could drip wax on your clothes and it’s hard to get out!

We will have working aprons and gloves available.


Instructor Darla Myers lives in Bozeman where she has her own studio and teaches workshops. She is represented in Helena by 1+1=1 Gallery.  Darla has shown all over Montana in art galleries, including for the last four years at 1+1=1 Gallery. We are honored to have her work in Helena.

Here are a few images from past encaustic workshops by Darla Myers, at Maureen’s studio behind 1+1=1 Gallery.

Artists in TWO, Aug 21 – Sept 14

Featured Artists’ in TWO Aug 21 – Sep 14, 2019

Nancy Goughnour and Maureen Cole 


This month we are featuring Nancy Goughnour and Maureen Cole in GalleryTWO. Both are Helena artists who have been showing at 1+1=1 Gallery for years.

See Goughnour’s and Cole’s solo shows anytime we are open Tuesday through Saturday Aug 21 – Sep 14, while the shows are up! And, join us on the last day of the shows to celebrate.*

*We invite you to join us on September 14 from 11 to 4pm (just drop in anytime) for an Open House at 1+1=1 Gallery. Here’s your chance to meet and talk with our TWO artists, in a friendly — warm — and informal atmosphere. Maureen Cole will do a demo showing some of the methods she uses for her tiny houses. Nancy Goughnour will be demonstrating her figurative sculpting techniques. Both artists are eager to talk with visitors about their inspirations and their artwork.

Come on downtown Saturday, Sept 14, anytime between 11 and 4

Join us for goodies and beverages during our Open House. Brunch, Mimosas and Grazing Boards for everyone! Coffee and tea will also be served with a big friendly smile.

Family friendly

Bring your kids. Come meet our gallery dog, Shadow! Call 406-431-9931 for more information.


TWO is a new concept for 1+1=1 this year.

Changes at 1+1=1 Gallery

In early 2019, we renamed part of our Back Gallery and made it a place to celebrate and shine a spotlight on just two of our represented artists at a time. The space is now called “TWO.” Every artist we represent will have a chance to prominently show a body of their work once a year with a reception or open house. We’re very excited about this change to how we introduce you to our artists and their newest fabulous artwork. In addition to TWO, the other part of our Back Gallery continues to show a sampling of work by many of the artists represented by and associated with 1+1=1. Come in as often as you wish — you are likely to find new artworks every time you stop by.


COMPANION: Perspectives on a Shared Life

COMPANION: Perspectives on a Shared Life features diverse artworks by four artists

The exhibit runs from Aug 9 through Sep 14, 2019

Shop Companion in Our Online Catalog

Please join us for an opening on Friday evening, Aug 9th from 5 to 8pm. Our openings are fun opportunities to meet the artists and hear about their inspirations, motivations and methods. We’ll serve beer, wine, cold beverages and lots of delicious appetizers and desserts.

COMPANION features the work of four contemporary artists working in a range of mediums, the exhibit encourages viewers to consider their relationships with each other and the animals with whom we share our lives. Each artist has interpreted ‘companion’ in her own way, and we think the resulting exhibit is powerful, thought-provoking and fascinating.

** Seattle printmaker Dawn Endean, states that she is drawn to dogs’ vulnerability – to how “dependent they are on the luck of the draw. They accept their lot; often with joy, loyalty and sweetness… and give back a hundred fold.” Her emotional images are made with intricate layering of intaglio plates, monoprinting and collage.

** Dara Daniel of northern California, looks back through history at our human capacity to connect with animals, particularly horses, who have been companions, escorts, guides and even counterparts to their human friends. She paints horses because their souls are beautiful to look at while expressing excitement, joy and spirit.

** With her distinctive voice, Susan Mattson has expressed for years, the close connection between human and non-human beings. Her sculptural clay vessels often depict animals with bodies covered by a mass human faces. Are we separate or are we life-companions? How do our actions affect every other being on this planet? Can we learn from our companions? Who is in charge?

** We are sharing our journey of life on Earth with uncountable species. Betsey Hurd believes, as do many indigenous peoples of Earth, that we are all one. No separation of species. Where does one of us end and another begin? What exactly is our connection? Hurd’s polymorphic fabulism pieces are about the integration of species. And … as a horse-woman and experienced artist, Betsey’s horse-beings are often the subject of her ceramic sculptures, along with other beings like deer, dogs, cats, bison and birds.

COMPANION runs through September 14th. Stop by 1+1=1 Gallery anytime we’re open and see the show in person!

Shop Companion in Our Online Catalog


Detail, Susan Mattson


What: new exhibit, “COMPANION: Perspectives on a Shared Life” — featuring ceramic sculptures, paintings and monoprints by four artists

When: Friday August 9 through Saturday, September 14, 2019

Where: 1+1=1 Gallery is located at 434 North Last Chance Gulch in Helena, Montana.

More Info: Call the gallery 406.431.9931 or email us


Artists include:

• Dawn endean, Seattle Wa
• Betsey Hurd, Helena MT
• Dara Daniel, Weed, Ca
•Susan Mattson, Helena MT

Our online catalog for COMPANION goes live on Aug 10th! 

All artworks featured in COMPANION will be available through our online exhibit catalog beginning the weekend after the show opens. Watch for a link at the top of our home page here, or to make sure you don’t miss it, subscribe to our love notes and we will send you a link in an email that week.

Shop Companion in Our Online Catalog




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Michele Landsaat Etchings Featured in Works on Paper

Like Any Trilogy in Progress … We Anticipate the Next Book in This Series

We are pleased to be able to show the delicate, poignant art of Michele Landsaat. Her work is shown as original prints, — some with chine colle´ — that are also part of her artist books.

At 1+1=1 this month, we are showing Landsaat’s works from three different series – the trilogy, What Was Lost & What Was Found, comprised of three related stories,  Apple, Water and Seed; the Gardener series and the Fountain series.

Michele Landsaat’s prints are part of our 2019 Works on Paper exhibit, running from June 25th through August 9th. Check out our online catalog for available works by Michele, and of course, if you are in Helena Montana, please stop in person by for a cup of coffee and a stunning exhibit! 

Read on for Michele’s Narrative Descriptions

“The main characters are a tiny girl and her beloved horse. Through their experiences, I’m exploring universal themes of love, loss and the fragility of life, as well as the potential for new growth.

The overarching theme of the first book Apple, is an idyllic happiness. The story unfolds around an apple tree in a garden where the two main characters experience a joy unlike any they’ve experienced before. Unfortunately, it’s a joy that cannot be sustained.

Book two, Water, explores the pain and grief of separation from that which we love most.

Book three, Seed, evolves out of book two. It conveys the unforeseen possibilities that arise when we suffer through the tension of opposing forces such as love and loss, as well as a sense of compassion that emerges and a sense of wonder for life as it is.”

The Fountain Series

The images in the Fountain series won third prize in the 2018 Chen Bochui International Original Illustration Exhibition in Shanghai, China. These are multi-plate etchings – each color is a separate plate. Michele writes about her inspiration for the Fountain series:

As a child the magic of fountains always captivated me. The idea that you could throw a coin into the fountain and make a wish that might come true was purely magical. I would dream about the fairy who looked after all of those wishes in the fountain. Since I was a huge animal lover, the fairy took the form of a tiny winged horse. I always hoped to catch a glimpse of this ethereal creature. In these illustrations, I hope to capture this childhood experience of wonder and possibilities. When she is dreaming, a time when the imagination is unfettered by logical thought, the little horse fairy comes alive and pays her a visit.


The Gardener Series:

This story involves a Gardener and her very mischievous cat who leaves to go on an adventure. The cat, while trying to eat a bird for dinner, inadvertently becomes the hero as he helps the bird escape from an unfriendly man who has caged it. The bird does not get eaten by the cat, much to the cat’s disappointment. 


Visit Michele Landsaat’s website for more about the artist and her portfolio. Michele is represented in Montana by 1+1=1 Gallery. Please call us 406-431-9931 or inquire via our online catalog, if you are interested in the works we have available at 1+1=1.