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Becky Street

I am attracted to the simple shapes of vessels. The still life subjects are often from my own collections. Bowls, bottles, pitchers and ceramic vessels are among the cast of characters in my still life scenes. Like characters in a play, each one has its own personality and relationship to other vessels in the piece.

With a background in Interior Design, I am always exploring composition, scale and color in three dimensions.

Printmaking gives me the opportunity to apply the same principles in two dimensions. I come from a “less is more” philosophy in design. Always the editor, deciding what is “enough” is the most critical moment.

My work is about the struggle for simplicity in art and in life. In an era of such disparity, what if we were satisfied with just enough?

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About Becky

Becky Street spent much of her childhood in St. Louis, MO on the back of a horse. When she was not riding horses, she began drawing and painting in the home of a neighboring artist. This began her love affair with both animals and art. Becky currently lives in Seattle, WA where she is a printmaker at Pratt Fine Arts Center.

Artist Statement

Becky Street has honed her sense of color, pattern and composition over a 40-year career in Interior Design. In 20015 she began applying these design elements to printmaking. Her work has been exhibited at Columbia City Gallery in Seattle and the Gallery at Flat Rock in NC.