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SarahJess Swann’s art is as brilliant as her smile

SarahJess Swann 

Each piece of my work is one of a kind and made by hand. Therefore there is nothing that is identical. I’m choosing materials that are upcycled or responsibly sourced. My work is inspired by nature, curves, balance as well as memory. Many of the materials are attached to some sort of experience that I want to pass on to others.

Sarahjess Swann also creates fabulous porcelain pottery and wall pieces using vintage quilts and fabrics. Scroll to see a sampling of Swann’s artworks that have been featured at 1+1=1 GAllery over the years. See something you like? Let us know and we’ll get you in touch with Sarahjess! 

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About SarahJess

Georgia born artist and maker Sarahjess Swann, graduated from graduate school at The University of Montana Missoula in 2012. There she developed her own technique and fusion with a variety of materials: fabric, metals, ceramic as well as concrete. Sarahjess creates statement pieces made from well loved fabrics. By arranging and overlapping shapes, colors, textures, old quilts, vintage clothes and other items of comfort she creates memory keepers. Sarahjess’s finished pieces are reassembled time capsules that celebrate craft and the handmade. 

Artist Statement

I was always one of those people who never had enough time in the day, constantly rushing, focusing on what I hadn’t done, stressing about things out of my control. Also the person who could hold a grudge like a rusty nail holds a two hundred year old barn together. A swirl of stress and anger. In my twenties I survived many toxic experiences that I still deal with today. It’s a process of healing.

My 30’s have been about setting up a practice of living in the moment, healing, and cleansing the toxicity from my past out of my current life. A practice of enjoying the small moments, the quiet ones, the monumental ones- the ones we usually blink at but never notice. Those few moments in the morning when the sun comes in the right angle in your kitchen window and warms your face … picking sage with my 5 year old on a sweaty summer day, because 5 goes too fast and this heat will pass. These ritual bowls symbolize the small moments and are meant to remind us to slow down, take time for yourself and your thoughts. 

Sarahjess Swann is represented in Montana by 1+1=1 Gallery. We are located at 434 North Last Chance Gulch, Helena Montana 59601. Call 406.431.9931  For more info on available works by Sarahjess at the gallery, please email us at [email protected].