Young Voices | Tuesday

The students who attended on Tuesday ranged across the widest spectrum of ages, from eight to twelve, and the students who attended the winter classes were all first timers at the gallery’s art classes! This group explored assemblage boxes (in the style of artist Joseph Cornell), collagraph printmaking, and many other types of media – all in addition to keeping a sketchbook throughout the class.

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Kila Bachofner

Kila, Age 9

Kila Bachofner

Hi my name is Kila. I am 9 years old. I love helping kindergarten kids, and I love outer space. I also started soccer when I was 4 years old. I get my ideas for art from my great grandpa. He was such a nice and great person. I loved him so much and I miss him so much.

I can trust my art to make me feel better and sometimes making art even fixes the problem. In art class my teacher, Maureen, has taught me so much but my favorite thing she taught me was how to use spray paint. I love how many different things you can do with spray paint, like using stencils, moving the stencils around and overlapping the colors.

There is one really cool piece that I titled “Black Village.” I like it because it is so calm and dark. I got the idea from my grandpa Mike because he always wakes up and he just sits and grades papers in the early morning when it’s quiet and calm and dark. I think it is so cool that he does that. He is such a great person.

I have another piece titled, “I am Not Alone” that I was thinking about. I made it because I was feeling unique and happy about things. There is just one building by itself even though it is a skyscraper and a lot of stars and the moon, it is not alone.

My grandma is an amazing artist and that is why I have been doing it. Her art is so cool that it made me want to start making art myself. I am so happy I did. I love art and I will never stop it even if you try to stop me. Thanks for supporting Young Voices artists. We kids are so thankful. Thank you.

India Brown

India, Age 8

India Brown

Hi, my name is India and my age is 8. I was born on October 4, 2013. I’ve been really into art ever since I was three. I really like to read. My favorite book so far is “Wings of Fire.” I really like to go shopping at craft supply stores. I have two brothers. One of my brother’s name is Jack, and my other brother’s name is Rex. I also have a cat named Hunter. My favorite colors are: pink, purple and teal.

I really like drawing, because it’s pretty. My drawing skills have improved a lot ever since I started taking art at 1+1=1 art classroom. My first drawing was a velociraptor being chased by a T-rex. I copied it from a toy. At first I had some doubt, but it turned out to be really good. Right now my favorite supplies to use for making art with are: paint, pens, colored pencils, markers.

When I made “Colors of Different Names” we had music on, and I let my hand go and just went with the music. For some reason when I look at this painting, I feel calm and excited at the same time. Some of the colors, like green, black and purple are calm colors, but the reds and oranges are exciting. When I get excited I hop up and down and sometimes even on one foot. I was hopping up and down a little when I made this painting. And I just really like it.

When I look at all my art all together, the biggest thing I notice is color. My art is very colorful. When I feel all happy I like to describe the feeling as neutral. Being happy and doing art makes me feel comforted. I get most of my ideas from my memories and imagination. Like I saw a picture of a stained glass window in a temple and I had a flashback memory of it and I wanted to draw the window, so I drew from my memory.

Thank you for buying my art. Bye!

Cerys Harrington-Ma

Cerys, Age 10

Cerys Harrington-Ma

My name is Cerys Harrington-Ma. I’m in the 4th grade and I am 10 years old. Some of the things I do in life are eating and sleeping other than that I like making mud pies because of the feeling of the mud on my hands although it annoys my mom. I also like cooking and baking even though I do not eat what I make which also annoys my mom!

My dad lives in New York and I visit him a lot. In my opinion, New York is the best. I get to see a lot of art, which inspires me to do different techniques of art. However, I also like to goof around and I sometimes don’t pay attention to art. I sometimes play games with my family. I also enjoy lying on the bed saying “no” to get up for school.

When I was 7 years old, I wished I could talk to animals. One summer morning I decided to go outside then a hummingbird flew past and stopped to get water out of my grandma’s tulips! I decided the bird was my friend. The piece, “A Hummingbird Friend” comes from the story of the hummingbird in my yard. This assemblage box was based on that little hummingbird. So, “Thank you, Hummingbird, wherever you are.”

“Life of a Banana,” my 3d painting, was inspired by a game card for a banana cop. I loved bananas at the time, and I even invented the song banana cop and performed it for my dad a lot! I still love bananas but when I’m super hungry, I’m very picky and I won’t eat them! I also like peeling the banana backwards from most people. My dad says I’m like a monkey and monkeys peel their bananas from the end.

In my opinion, the colors of my 3d painting seemed a little dark in the tone, so I decided to cheer them up. I did that by adding white and using the colors together on the piece. I didn’t know what my theme would be, but I got lucky and found a wood shape that looked like a banana.

“Banana Spray” makes bananas instantly ripe! (Like it says on the bottle.) It’s a sketch from my sketchbook. I invented banana spray because sometimes you get a whole bunch of green bananas and you can’t wait til they’re ripe. But when it comes time to eat them they are all brown and mushy. So I wanted to draw something that would make them ripe instantly. But it might be a long time til I actually invent a wheel! I think even when I’m not in art class, I will keep sketching. Maybe I will keep sketching more bananas!

Do you like art? I do. This is all I have to share. We will be donating part of our money to places that help people. Thank you for buying my art.

Charlotte Kassler

Charlotte, Age 10

Charlotte Kassler

Hi my name is Charlotte. My family is really nice. I don’t have any brothers or sisters. After school I usually read or play. At my mom’s I have 2 cats and 1 dog. I have 2 cats at my dad’s also. Art makes me feel calm and relaxed.

For art class I really like using spray paint. My favorite piece is my layered painting. What I did was painted the wood black, and then layered it with the stripes of paper, then painted it half gold and half silver with spray paint. It is a really cool art piece. There is a big picture in the middle but not perfectly in the middle. Well I was originally thinking that I wanted to do something half and half. And I was looking through a magazine and I found a page with flowers and nature that I liked. I cut it into stripes and that’s how I made the piece, which I titled “The Experience of Art.” With art, you kind of never know what you’re going to make. So you kind of think half and half.

“Owl’s Night” is a piece I colored with a white crayon and then I painted the page with black paint. Wherever the crayon was, because it’s wax, the white shows through the black.

My art pieces are fancy, playful and bold, also exciting. The art that I have done is all because of Maureen. I would never have done it without her. She helped me express myself when I do art. It puts all my worries behind me. It’s amazing how I express myself. I love art and all of these art pieces are my expression!

I sometimes think when I grow up I might want to be a real estate agent. Because I am really interested in seeing different houses. I live in an apartment and for some reason I really like showing houses and telling people. A real estate agent could help with designing houses, and decorating them. I wish I could decorate my own room but my mom says I can’t until I can paint it myself.

Thanks for supporting my art. I’m going to donate half of all the money I make selling my art to three organizations. One of the organizations I like is Children’s Cancer Research Fund and another is CARE which helps Ukraine children and women.

Imara Lane

Imara, Age 11

Imara Lane

Hello, my name is Imara. I am 11 years old. I am in fifth grade at Broadwater elementary school. I am going to tell you about myself and show you some of my artwork I have made this last year while working with Maureen and tell you about the inspiration behind them and why I loved making them.

When I am not making art, I am normally listening to music, playing basketball, doing gymnastics, or hanging out with my friends and family. I also love to play with my pets. Some of my favorite things include my pets, Ariana Grande, the color purple and fashion. My favorite styles of art to not only make, but also see, are paintings, freehand sketches, photos and printmaking. I also love graffiti!

My top five favorite art pieces I created this last year are:
1) The sketches in my sketchbook: I love them because it is incredibly fun to free-hand draw and it is probably one of my favorite styles of art. I also love to see what art assignment Maureen has planned for us to do in our book each week.
2) Printmaking: I don’t even have words for how fun it is and I love seeing the prints other people make.
3) Graffiti: I think it is so fun and cool – even though it is hard to get the hang of at first. But, after you figure it out it is super fun and colorful. Maureen really helped me learn how to do it.
4) Self-portrait: because we got to make it in any way that we wanted to. Mine was a mix between me and Ariana Grande!
5) My collage: it was very fun to make. I made mine into a heart with cut outs of pictures of jewelry from a magazine.

I love making art with Maureen and this last year has been so much fun making art.

I hope you enjoyed my presentation. The money we make selling our art goes to help women and children in Ukraine.

Maggie Linden

Maggie, Age 8

Maggie Linden

Hi. I am Maggie. Well I personally love art, but when I’m not making art I bake, play with my legos, or play with my friends, and I sometimes go on walks with my family. I am inspired by looking around at my surroundings or by books. Or sometimes I look online for ideas.

I like to draw my feelings. Drawing helps me get out those feelings. I really love to spray paint. It helps me express myself in all the gorgeous and bright and vibrant colors.

We made board games in the Fall art class and I liked making mine. Board games are a good way to spend time with my family and mine was super fun to make.

The ink press piece I made gives me the feeling kind of like when it was a rainy summer day in Rwanda eating potato chips with ranch, watching The Grinch because that was my all time favorite to watch, sitting on my ugly but comfy brown couch petting my wiener dog, Milo, and hearing the thunder and the hard rain on the metal roof. I miss that!

My pirate wood piece is one of my favorites, but I do not know if it will be in the show because I don’t know where it is. It was really fun to make, especially because of the theme.

Sometimes, I like to just draw a line and work off of it, and see what it turns into. It helps me make really cool art, and is a very fun way to draw. Someday I would love to make a cool business that sells art and I can be famous for my art. I still have lots of other dreams in my life, but that’s the top of my list.

Thank you for supporting all of us artists at Young Voices.

Sali Linden

Sali, Age 10

Sali Linden

Hello, my name is Salome Miriam Linden (Sali or Salz for short.) I am in 6th grade and I love art. I have three sisters, two younger and one older. I have two parents, my mom and dad. We don’t have any pets, but in the past we’ve had dogs. I miss our German Shepard, Duke, and our Dachshund Milo. When I have free time, I like to do art projects, bike and go outside. Sometimes when I am doing these things I get ideas and draw them in my sketchbook.

Most of my ideas for art come from looking out the window at people, or at our town, from music, wilderness, stuff like that. I really like to start simple when I make art. I’ll add and add and add until I like my piece. Waiting and looking from a different perspective can give me ideas to make it better and more complex. If I have feelings that I can’t express in other ways, I can always express it with my art. If you know me you know that I love to draw and design dresses and clothing. Sometimes when I start drawing a dress I can’t stop! One career I might have would be a fashion design illustrator.

I really liked making a board game in art class last fall, but none of the kids’ board games are in the show because they would have taken up a lot of space in this little gallery! Because we got to make our own rules and pick out our own color scheme. I really like to personalize things so that they are a picture of who I am. My inspiration for the game was truth or dare because I love to play that game with my friends. I chose the color scheme of blue, red and purple because when you mix the blue truth cards and the red dare cards, you get purple which is the chicken-out card, which is really special because sometimes you don’t want to tell the truth or take a dare.

My collagraph (embossed print) makes me feel warm and happy because of all the mixed colors, the sun and also the water makes it feel like a beach is close to you. The steps on how I made this are: first we found little textured plastic shapes, put them in a way we like, and pressed it in a printing press with a lot of pressure. Next, I used gouache and painted the parts I wanted to stand out. Lastly, I signed and framed it.

I would love to make a career creating art because I REALLY love doing it on my own anyway, but if I don’t it will always be a part of my life. As I wrote above, I might want to be a fashion illustrator. Thank you for supporting me and all the artists at Young Voices.

Wynona Schmidt

Wynona, Age 11

Wynona Ryan Schmidt

Hi my name’s Wynona. I live in a big red house with my mom, dad, brother, our snake, hamster, two leopard geckos, a bunny and a puppy. I love to jump on our trampoline, play soccer, go skiing, hiking and rafting. I love to be outside and find new things to use in my art.

I love listening to music and stories when I’m making art. It helps put emotion into my art. Colors and shapes also inspire me, the way they are so bright. I use Sharpies the most. I use bright colors in my abstract art. Sharpies were the first tools I used when I discovered how much I love abstract art.

I made “Don’t Make a Human Rainbow of Trash” because I want people to realize what we are doing to the waters of the earth we live on. I think it is unfair that we are acting like we are the only things living on earth and we can treat it however we please. I think this piece makes me want to do something. When I look at it, I feel cruel, guilty, and like I want to cry and yell and stomp. I want people to help! I want to help by being an ocean biologist or scientist. But I also want to be an architect, artist, musician, landscaper, teacher and ski teacher or in the ski patrol.

We are going to donate to a non-profit with some of the money we earn from this show. It is an organization called CARE, and they have a fund for Ukraine women, children and families who are displaced by the war there. Thank you for helping!

Vireo Zackheim

Vireo, Age 8

Vireo Zackheim

My name is Vireo Zackheim. I am 8 years old. I have two cats named Ouzel and Merlin. And I have a dog named Phoebe. I have a sister and she is five years old. I was born in Helena, Montana. I like nature. I spend a lot of time outdoors. I like listening to audiobooks while drawing. Sometimes art helps me with my feelings but it also shows what kind of person I am: silly, happy, friendly, kind, generous and willing.

You might want to know how I came up with the title, “Lollyluge Night.” Well, I had no idea what to call it and then I had the silliest idea to make up a name, so I did! And I said, “Lollyluge Night.” To make this piece, I used pieces of wood and glued them on top of each other. When I was painting them, I decided I would make it look equal, or balanced.

I used green paint marker all around the pink pieces and orange paint marker on the green pieces. We had to pick a hidden card that had color names on the back and my colors were gold, brown, green and pink. That combination of colors wasn’t my normal colors – it was kind of a challenge. But I like the way it turned out.

The colors in my pieces, “Fiery Music” match together and I actually had five different colors at first and they all just blended into three colors. The colors remind me of fire. The black shapes and lines resemble music. We were listening to dance-y music when I painted this one. The other one I painted was while listening to classical music. So it looks different.

I would like to thank Amanda and Maureen for helping me finish my artwork. Thank you for buying my art so we can donate some money to an organization that is helping women and children in the Ukraine.