Young Voices | Wednesday

Our Wednesday cohort has been taking classes together at 1+1=1 for two years now! They have become close friends and always make sure their parents sign them up for the same section of class. This group ranged in age from eight to ten, and some of the techniques they explored included painterly monotypes, assemblage, and graffiti.

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Carys Hazen

Carys, Age 10

Carys Hazen

Hi, I’m Carys and I have a brother, and my parents are divorced. I also have two houses. When I am not making art I like to read, listen to audiobooks, play games with my brother, play video games and watch movies. Sometimes it inspires me to draw things or paint certain stuff. For example, reading a book about dragons made me want to draw dragons. I love reading fantasy fiction. I’m currently reading a book about pies and it has illustrations of pies in it, so I drew a pie kind of 3D.

I don’t have places I get my ideas – they just pop into my head. In our art classes I love to do stuff with nature, like make pieces with nature in mind. My favorite piece is my assemblage box – it has a theme of Nature. Well, it started by me seeing a toy deer in the back studio, then I put it in the box. I decided to base my theme on the difference between humans and animals.

Animals run around in the wild often and have the key to freedom and humans are constantly kind of trapped in their way of life and they are less free. The word “held” is connected they are trapped. And the word “free” is for the animals. It’s glued together. The background is from magazines and the stuff inside is my art teacher’s old stuff.

Another piece I enjoyed is a motorcycle sketch I did because it was fun to make. It was fun because I love LOVE motorcycles. I have a model motorcycle, which I used to do the drawing. My final favorite is a 3D looking bookshelf sketch I did because I’m really impressed that I did it! I didn’t know I could make something look so real!

Sometimes the theme of my art is nature, or it has a mood of me being mad about something and putting my feelings into art. My art does not have mood very often. I kind of just do it. I think my art expresses my personality – I love to be outside and in trees. I also love animals and I do also get mad a lot.

I have a couple more things I want to share: I love bunnies. My family has 2 cats and 1 dog. I love to bake. I’m 10 years old. I own a fish and I love magic! Thank you for listening. I hope you like my art and you decide to buy it. All of it was really fun to make.

Genevieve Hibbard

Genevieve, Age 10

Genevieve Hibbard

Hi my name is Genevieve Hibbard. I live near HMS. I have a tree house, a sauna, a duck coop, and a metal dome in my yard. I have 3 ducks named Lady, Butterbill and Lily. I have a dog named Jura and a cat named Mittens. I am 10 years old and my birthday is on August 17th. My favorite breakfast is muffins. I also like pizza for lunch and for dinner, lamb chops and dessert is ice cream pie. Maybe I like lamb chops so much because I’ve been around sheep on my family’s ranch and … pretty much everyone on my dad’s side of the family likes lamb chops. Maybe it’s genetic.

Besides making art, I love to read, ski, play soccer and cuddle with my pets. I also like watching and listening to and singing Hamilton. We were painting a very wide roll of paper on the wall with the whole art class while we listened to Hamilton. And it was really fun to throw my hands around and create. The musical canvases were fun because we got to dance to music and use octopus ink.

So now that you know a lot about me as a person, you might wonder about me as an artist. My inspiration for art usually comes from books I read and my camp at my ranch. One of my favorite art projects I made in class is the mural in graffiti alley. I really enjoyed spray painting in graffiti alley because we got to look at all of the art while we did our own.

I also enjoyed the assemblage boxes, drawing the car, Titanic and the shark. I really like drawing and painting. My assemblage box theme is Japanese, and looks really cool! I used straws for the bamboo, magazines, origami paper cranes I made, a Tiki umbrella and a piece of driftwood. My sketchbook drawings were very realistic and fun to do while I listened to an audiobook called “Tale of Magic.”

I like using cool colors such as blue, aqua, purple, light green, dark green, violet, black, sky blue and many more. Sometimes I use warm colors such as red, yellow and orange to add contrast. If you look at all my art lined up, I think you could tell something about my personality. I’m smart, artistic, silly, imaginative (dolphinately that) and I think my art is like all that.

I really really love doing art! We are donating money to CARE for the Ukraine women’s and children’s fund. Thank you to all the sponsors of our art exhibit.

Hazel Hibbard

Hazel, Age 8

Hazel Hibbard

My name is Hazel. I’m 8 years old and when I’m not doing art I’m sleeping, cuddling my mom, in school, playing or eating ice cream. My favorite ice cream flavor is mint chocolate chip. I also like reading Wings of Fire, Harry Potter (when I’m with my family!) and The Hobbit (also when I’m with my family.)

I liked making the board games last fall. For my game, I used a box, some boards, a chalk marker, paint, a sharpie and duck tape. I called my game “Meep Moop!” It’s a very fun game.

I also liked making flower collages, and ink painting on canvas. Also I liked making the tiny house villages and the assemblage boxes. For my assemblage box, I used a shark keychain, an origami seahorse, and some seashells.

Sometimes pictures on YouTube or drawings inspire me to draw things. One time in art class, we got to draw on our tables, while listening to different kinds of music and technically drawing our personality. It was fun!

We are all donating money to an organization that helps women and children in Ukraine. I voted for the Angel Fund and Healthy Mothers Healthy Babies. I would like to thank our sponsors of the show, Amanda – who took videos, our teacher, Maureen, and Tim, who cleaned up after every art class. Thank you!

Amelia Williams

Amelia, Age 10

Amelia Williams

Hi my name is Amelia I have two sisters. One is my twin, Anora. We both turned ten on June 23rd. My other sister, Ciana, is 12. I have 23 pets. You might think that’s a lot of pets, but there is only one big one – my dog, Stan. When I’m not asleep or making art, I am outside playing or at my grandpa’s workshop. We get to use most of his tools – some are even power tools. But most are hand tools. I also like hanging out with my grandpa and grandma. I get my ideas from nature. I’m a nature girl! When I’m outside, I like to hike, build forts out in the woods, because my grandparents live out of town and they let us build forts on their land.

Art helps me express my feelings because sometimes I get so mad I can’t speak. Looking at my piece titled, “Birds” you might wonder what I was thinking when I made it. Well, that day at school, somebody had insulted me. And this was after school and I was still feeling mad and hurt. So my design was some birds trapped in the madness. And they couldn’t get out. But now that I look at it and I’m in a better mood, I see the birds are outside the cage, and flying free. See? That’s one way art can make someone feel better.

I want to be a floral designer when I grow up. That requires being artistic and creative. I really love gardening and art and those are both together in that career.

Maureen always gave us sketchbook prompts. Some of them are plants, food, nature, insects, fish, and more. I was very successful with my plants and guess why? Because I’m a nature girl and I love plants.

Thank you for supporting our community. And me, as an artist.

Anora Williams

Anora, Age 10

Anora Williams

I have a twin who does not look like me at all. And she is fancy. I wear a leather jacket and a backwards baseball cap. We also don’t act alike. She likes tennis. I like climbing. I make art about climbing. When I’m climbing I totally focus otherwise I might fall off the wall. When I make art I also need to focus but it also calms me. I like gardening, fishing and being outside. I have between 23 and 28 pets (I’m not quite sure exactly how many because we’re always getting or finding animals.)

“Indian Spirit” is a monotype. A monotype has no scratches on the printing plate. It’s just ink painted on the plate and wiped off with different tools like paint brushes, sponges, a rag, tissues, q-tips and sponges. Then run it through the printing press and print it. I really like this one because I really like the Native American flute – I have one and I play it. It looks like a spirit because half of his body is fading into the air and you can see through the figure. I made the circular designs by spinning a sponge brush onto the inked up plate.

I really like abstract art. It makes me feel happy and calm. My 3D painting is abstract. There are two pieces of wood at the top that were made into a shelf on purpose. I will probably put lucky bamboo or a succulent on the shelf. The colors have a wild and happy mood. Art also makes me feel kind of comforted and confident. Thank you for supporting the Young Voices show.

“The Invasion of the Blobs” One day the chameleon, lizard and blobs were having an argument about the land. The blobs attacked! But the chameleon was big enough to eat the blobs. This war went on for three years because there were thousands of blobs. The lizard had a long enough tail to smack the blobs and kill them. But eventually neither the blobs nor the lizards won. The biggest blob in the world ate the chameleon and the blobs died of colds. The other lizard was climbing in a tree one day and he fell. The end.

If you buy one of my art pieces, more than half of the money goes to some non profit organizations. So, thank you for buying my art.