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2018 Annual Small Works Show


gifts … ornaments … artist-made-cards … small-artworks … ceramics … wood … collagraphs & etchings … tiny paintings … tiny encaustics … jewelry … smallish sculptures … cups & mugs … really amazing items to give to your loved ones … all affordable … all made by artists

and …

we gift wrap for free!

When fall comes around we feel like time flies faster than other times of year. Before we know it, the holidays will be here and then time zooms! Mark your calendars for our Annual Small Works Show! November 30th is the opening night and the show runs through December 30th.

This is our 5th winter of hosting a wonderful gift-focused show featuring artwork by over 30 artists All of the artists are hard at work like elves, in their studios. They are making affordable art (everything is $300 or under and most items are between $50 and $100) as well as handmade greeting cards and handmade ornaments! please join us on opening night to get the best selection on November 30th.

Remember, as our gift to you, we wrap your purchases with our artistic, every-package-different gift wrapping style. All you need to do is ask and we’ll do it happily! We’ll even toss in a handmade gift-tag.

If you miss the opening or if you are like me, a last-minute shopper — we’ll be here for you until Christmas Eve Day, December 24th. See you!


Artists participating in Small Works this year:

Andrea Cross Guns
Andrew Rivera
Angie Moretti
April Werle
Becky Street
Betsey Hurd
Bonnie Lambert
Boyd Carson
Carla Potter
Carol Montgomery
Cristina Marian
Dan McArdle
Darla Myers
Debbie Smith
Eliza Weber
Gabe Shaughnessy
Joan Mamelok
John Andrew
Joyce Watts Coolidge
Judy Kline
Julianne Marquis
Lauren Zalewski
Laurie Shaman
Maureen Cole
Maureen Shaughnessy
Molly Rivera
Nancy Goughnour
Page Kelly Piccolo
Patty Ceglio
Paul Guillemette
Sarah Magar
Sarahjess Swann
Susan Mattson
Tim Carney
Tina Garrick Albro
Trudy Skari