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BODY 2017: Art Jewelry and Figurative Art Invitational

BODY: Annual Art Jewelry & Figurative Art Invitational

July 7th – August 15th, 2017


Running from July 7 through August 15, BODY focuses on one of a kind artist-made jewelry and unique figurative woodcuts and ceramic vessels. Please join us Friday evening, July 7th for an opening reception and to meet the artists.

Art jewelry pushes the boundaries of what we may think of as ornament for our bodies. We have invited jewelry artists whose work is one of a kind, contemporary or traditional, to be part of the show. Montana, national and international jewelry artists will be featured.

Figurative art can often push our buttons, disturb us or affirm us. Figurative artists challenge us with their reflections on gender and human bodies, to think about ourselves with awareness, tenderness, acceptance and even forgiveness. Ouida Touchon of New Mexico and Laurie Shaman of Illinois are the featured figurative artists this year.


Contemporary one-of-a-kind body ornament

Large figurative woodblock prints

Bodies on ceramic vessels

Fascinating artists

Scrumptious food


Lovely company

Elegance all around

July 7th 5 to 8pm: it’s the weekend after┬áthe 4th of July — you know you’re gonna wanna!

featured artists in First Annual Art Jewelry & Figurative Art invitational:

Ouida Touchon

Laurie Shaman

Margaret Regan

Bonnie Lambert

Lori Blaylock

Kris Kramer

Shelley Jones

Dave Barnes

Virginia Nicolucci

Judy Kline

Kat Allen

Paul Guillemette

Pyper Hugos

Suzy Fabian