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Dalton Hudoba, Young Artist



Hello everyone! My name is Dalton Hudoba, I’m a Freshman at Helena High, and I took art classes because my friend Justin invited me, and I haven’t stopped because I’m having lots of fun making art. 

I think making art helps me let out tension I have with things in the real world, like having a bad day at school or being super stressed. If I’m in that situation, it always helps to come to the studio and make some art. 

My “angel corpse” was originally a gross brownish color with purple and yellow chalk and paint, as I had a bad day at school. The white background came very late, Probably because I had gotten my emotions out earlier through the art. 

I really enjoyed doing our wood wall sculpture because it was very different to anything else. We got to cut our own pieces in Tims shop, paint them, and put them together however we wanted. I enjoyed having lots of freedom and options.

I feel like my pieces are warmer than cooler in colors, for example both my large acrylic abstracts have primarily warm colors.  Journey to Rio has brown and pink (rio is a warm place). while yellow and white show up in Angel Corpse. I think my artwork is fun and exciting, and it mostly came to me super naturally. 

My favorite piece is the hand sculpture “Safe.” To make the hands, we each plastered somebody’s arm, and we got to work on our own hand mold. “Safe” is my favorite because it feels very symbolic of somebody outstretching their hand and you immediately feeling- safe. I enjoy the idea of safety. 

Thanks again for watching/listening, and just a reminder- half of the proceeds from this exhibit go to  Helena Food Share Kid Pack program and The Humane Society. Thank you!