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Electric Bluebirds

Susan Mattson’s pair of bluebirds pull at my heart. After being around these evocative sculptures at the gallery for a few weeks (they are part of our summer sculpture exhibit) I wanted to learn more about bluebirds.

I came across a website all about bluebirds and I learned some things. Best was why we go all goofy about bluebirds. An excerpt: “Their song is enchanting. The velvety undertones are “…so soft and gentle; they sing to no one save themselves. Not loud and boastful like the mocker; not full of chatter like the purple martin. The bluebird song is a kind and personal “I love you” that one must be close and quiet to hear.” (Kenny Kleinpeter) Clyde Todd (1940) said their song, “…like the gentle murmur of a flowing brook in soothing cadence, awakens a sense of well-being and content in each responsive listener.”


While the continued existence of bluebirds is threatened by human activities (pesticides, loss of open space) they are positively impacted by our conservation efforts.

Look closely at the bases of Susan’s Electric Bluebirds … a mass of humanity. Yep. That’s us. What is our connection to Nature? To these melodious beautiful beings? To the rest of our natural world? Do we appreciate or take for granted?

More of Susan Mattson’s thought-provoking ceramic art:


Susan Mattson is represented in Montana by 1+1=1 Gallery. Shop our online catalog for Susan’s sculptures and let us know if you’d like to live with her sculpture. We’ll make it happen!