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LIGHT: July 17 – August 14, 2021

An Exhibit of Four Artists’ Expressions of Light

How Do You Respond to Light?

How are we to understand the ephemeral ways in which light behaves, validating all of life? How might an artist pay proper homage to this vast and vital force? With wax and wood and paint and stitches. Light needs to be contained (but not caged.) Light needs context, it needs an outfit in the right size if we are to interact with it in such personal ways. 1+1=1 Gallery has invited four brilliant artists to respond to the theme of “light” and the resulting exhibition is truly profound.

Tim Carney, Erika James, Linda McCray and Pam Sullivan are featured in our exhibit, “Light.”

Tim Carney, Erika James, Linda McCray and Pam Sullivan are featured in our exhibit, “Light.” Master woodworker Tim Carney, has created a new collection of lamps and chandelier with wood veneers. Erika James, a Portland artist, paints atmospheric encaustics depicting imaginary ocean and gorge landscapes full of mists, sky and sea. Helena artist, Linda McCray, shows her expansive ethereal paintings full of emotion and grace. Pam Sullivan, of Lawrence Kansas uses translucent fabric, paint and stitches to create abstract works based on water patterns, textures and light.

Each artist welcomes light, color, shape and texture into their work. We hope you will be warmed by the glow and held in the suspense of misty morning air, a speck of reflective light against the backdrop of a never-ending sky, or the feelings elicited by contemplating universal light.


Please join us this weekend for an elucidating Open House, to enjoy the LIGHT exhibit! From 10 to 4, just come by to have something cold to drink and take in the light. From 1 to 2:30, the artists will be present and give casual talks, with Q&A from you, our guests. We’d love for you to meet the artists, especially Erika James who is traveling from Portland Oregon for the first time since we’ve been representing her! If you were ever curious about exactly what is encaustic painting, now is the time to find out from Erika.

We will be serving complimentary frosty muscato and ice cold lemonade. Come Thirsty, Leave Inspired!


Date: Saturday, July 24th
What: Open House for LIGHT exhibit 10 to 4
What Else? Meet the Artists and join a Q&A conversation from 1 to 2:30
Where: 1+1=1 Gallery at 434 North Last Chance Gulch in Helena
Who: all ages — kids are lovingly welcome!
More: the exhibit runs from July 17th through August 14th
Hours: Tues – Fri 11 to 5; Sat 10 to 4;  Sun and Mon closed

You know us, so you know we love having kids and adults in the art gallery! Bring your families and friends to see the artworks anytime during the show. We hope viewing our artist’s expressions of light sparks conversations with your parents, kids, siblings, friends and even strangers. See you!


Artists featured in LIGHT

tim j. carney – wood lamps, chandelier and fine furniture
erika james – encaustic landscape paintings
linda mccray – acrylic paintings of universal light
pam sullivan – translucent fabric, paint and stiching