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Michele Landsaat Etchings Featured in Works on Paper

Like Any Trilogy in Progress … We Anticipate the Next Book in This Series

We are pleased to be able to show the delicate, poignant art of Michele Landsaat. Her work is shown as original prints, — some with chine colle´ — that are also part of her artist books.

At 1+1=1 this month, we are showing Landsaat’s works from three different series – the trilogy, What Was Lost & What Was Found, comprised of three related stories,  Apple, Water and Seed; the Gardener series and the Fountain series.

Michele Landsaat’s prints are part of our 2019 Works on Paper exhibit, running from June 25th through August 9th. Check out our online catalog for available works by Michele, and of course, if you are in Helena Montana, please stop in person by for a cup of coffee and a stunning exhibit! 

Read on for Michele’s Narrative Descriptions

“The main characters are a tiny girl and her beloved horse. Through their experiences, I’m exploring universal themes of love, loss and the fragility of life, as well as the potential for new growth.

The overarching theme of the first book Apple, is an idyllic happiness. The story unfolds around an apple tree in a garden where the two main characters experience a joy unlike any they’ve experienced before. Unfortunately, it’s a joy that cannot be sustained.

Book two, Water, explores the pain and grief of separation from that which we love most.

Book three, Seed, evolves out of book two. It conveys the unforeseen possibilities that arise when we suffer through the tension of opposing forces such as love and loss, as well as a sense of compassion that emerges and a sense of wonder for life as it is.”

The Fountain Series

The images in the Fountain series won third prize in the 2018 Chen Bochui International Original Illustration Exhibition in Shanghai, China. These are multi-plate etchings – each color is a separate plate. Michele writes about her inspiration for the Fountain series:

As a child the magic of fountains always captivated me. The idea that you could throw a coin into the fountain and make a wish that might come true was purely magical. I would dream about the fairy who looked after all of those wishes in the fountain. Since I was a huge animal lover, the fairy took the form of a tiny winged horse. I always hoped to catch a glimpse of this ethereal creature. In these illustrations, I hope to capture this childhood experience of wonder and possibilities. When she is dreaming, a time when the imagination is unfettered by logical thought, the little horse fairy comes alive and pays her a visit.


The Gardener Series:

This story involves a Gardener and her very mischievous cat who leaves to go on an adventure. The cat, while trying to eat a bird for dinner, inadvertently becomes the hero as he helps the bird escape from an unfriendly man who has caged it. The bird does not get eaten by the cat, much to the cat’s disappointment. 


Visit Michele Landsaat’s website for more about the artist and her portfolio. Michele is represented in Montana by 1+1=1 Gallery. Please call us 406-431-9931 or inquire via our online catalog, if you are interested in the works we have available at 1+1=1.