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New Art Space

Our Back Gallery has Morphed into TWO

Or should we say we have experienced mitosis? We don’t have any more room to expand 1+1=1, so instead of getting bigger, we divided and changed our programming. Now, what we’ve been calling the “Back Gallery” (for five years) will be dedicated to two mini-solo shows by two artists at a time. We are calling it TWO.

What’s different about this “new” art-space, TWO?

Until now, the back gallery has been a place to display work by most of the artists we represent, and we rotated it as often as we changed our main exhibits. We wanted to do more to promote the artists on our roster, and thought it would be a good idea to offer solo shows.

Every three weeks or so, we will change the exhibits in this part of the gallery, even though the group exhibits in the front gallery will stay up for around 6 weeks. When we mount the new shows in TWO, we’ll have an Open House to introduce the artists and their work to the Helena community.

We will continue to have display space in the Back Gallery, for a selection of other art along with our Wall of Cups. However, it will be a smaller space than you are used to. You’ll find artist-made cards, one-off ceramics, and a sample of the many pieces of art we have in our inventory downstairs, beautifully displayed and rotated often. Stop by whenever you can to see what’s new in our Back Gallery.

Open House events are convenient, satisfying and educational.

Maybe your Saturday morning routine is to meet friends for brunch downtown. Perfect! Stop by our open house and grab a cup of espresso while you check out the new art and meet the artists. Or … maybe you stay home Friday nights (when we usually have big opening receptions) but you love going out on Saturday afternoons.¬†Well, we’re here for you — get a quick energy boost and culture at 1+1=1 with art, appetizers and something to drink. Stop by in after the Farmer’s Market or after an hour browsing in Helena’s bookstores. Stay for 5 minutes or an hour!


At least one of the two artists will attend the open house, bringing some of their tools and materials from their studios and giving demos or talks. Our goal is to provide casual, friendly opportunities to meet the artists, ask them questions and listen to their stories. We also aim to give the artists on our roster a bit more of a spotlight for a few weeks each year.

What’s not to love about more events downtown?

So … our opening nights will still be on Fridays, and will happen every 6 weeks or so (check our 2019 schedule here) … and now, you have extra opportunities to see and learn about excellent art, have a fun date, and enjoy the buzz at 1+1=1. Don’t miss knowing about our new Saturday Open Houses! Subscribe to our Love Notes to find out when they’re happening.