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Series of Artist Demos during Paperwork exhibit

Artist Demo Series During Paperwork Exhibit

This Saturday, September 3rd, we kick off a series of artist demos at the gallery, giving visitors the chance to observe an artist at work and learn more about their practice. Brad DeFrees, Carol Montgomery and Maureen Shaughnessy are currently exhibiting work as part of the gallery’s group show, “Paperwork,” which features paper-based art from nine artists working in Helena and the Pacific Northwest. The gallery is open from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m., and our demonstrating artists will be working at the gallery in the afternoons. We invite you to stop by, grab a cool beverage and a light snack, and take advantage of this opportunity to learn more about how magic is made by these three artists. Read on for dates, times and details.

Monoprint Methods with Maureen Shaughnessy

Our first artist demo features gallery owner and printmaker Maureen Shaughnessy working in her studio at the back of the gallery on Saturday September 3, from 11am to 3pm. Maureen has a beautiful collection of work in the Paperwork exhibit, and is looking forward to sharing more about the types of printmaking she practices. She often uses traditional drypoint and collagraph plates to create monoprints. Maureen is especially excited about sharing a few of the more spontaneous methods she has been practicing over the years – pochoir stencil monoprints, painterly monotypes and shellac plate monoprints. This is an informal opening of her printmaking studio — feel free to poke your head into her studio for a few minutes or stick around for awhile and really get into the mind of an artist.



Linocut Printmaking by Carol Montgomery

Painter and printmaker Carol Montgomery will share her printmaking practice as part of our artist demo series. Carol is showing nine abstract oil landscape paintings in a variety of sizes at the 1+1=1 Paperwork exhibit. She will be working in the classroom at the back of the gallery on Saturday, September 17, from 1 to 3pm. We invite you to pop in for a few minutes, or as long as you’d like, to observe her unique process, ask questions and see what goes into some of her prints. While Carol has previously shown work in watercolor, encaustic and, currently, oil, Montgomery plans to dedicate her demo time to printmaking. 1+1=1 Gallery has featured her printmaking in many exhibits over the last 6 years and we know our visitors are curious about how she makes her magic!


Brad DeFrees Shares His Artistic Practice

Saturday, September 24, from 11am to 3pm, oil painter and watercolorist Brad DeFrees will spend a few hours right in the gallery painting at his easel. He plans to work in watercolor (one of his two favorite painting mediums – the other is oil). We invite you to look over his shoulder, ask questions, or just observe an artist at work. DeFrees has a number of landscape paintings included in the Paperwork show, ranging from representational renderings to subtly abstract takes. 1+1=1 Gallery has shown Brad’s paintings for several years and they are growing in demand with our customers. He is also currently available at the newly opened Montago Coffee Company in the Independent building on Cruise Avenue.

Check out work by our three demo artists: