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Welcome our Newest Gallery Staff

Introducing Claire Bachofner


I was humbled by the many wonderful job applicants for our position at 1+1=1 Gallery.

I was truly humbled by the interest and enthusiasm of the fifteen individuals who were interested in continuing and enlarging upon the service our gallery provides for the community of Helena, Montana. We had two applicants from other cities in Montana, as well as many very qualified applicants from Helena, from all walks of life. It was difficult to narrow down the field, and we are grateful to everyone who applied. Thank you so much for your interest!

After a process I was new to (and with the help of one of our artists, Maureen Cole, who is a retired human resources director for the Forest Service) we chose someone we believe will take 1+1=1 to a new level with Tim and myself. She is an incredible human being: I already know that by spending time with her at the gallery, and hearing nothing but 1000% (not an extra zero there) positive remarks about her from everyone who knows her and has worked with her. I am super excited to have Claire on the gallery team. And I think all of our customers and represented artists will love her.

Claire and her partner, Phil, have two kiddos, ages two and four. She majored in Creative Writing at UM in Missoula and loves to write, practice yoga, spend time outdoors and model one of the best self-care-practices I’ve heard of. She is generous, eloquent, friendly, smart, knowledgeable about art and best of all, enthusiastic about the mission of our art gallery. 

Claire will be helping me stay in better touch with collectors, our roster of artists and potential artists, customers and media. She will be more in charge than I am, of social media (though I’m not going to give it up) and advertising; help plan events and exhibits, make press releases, update our website, write articles on our artists, gallery updates and newsletters and generally do much more communication than I have had time to do over the last almost 4 years. I’m sure I will be calling her our communications-angel very very soon.

What this means for me besides better communications with everyone who cares about our gallery? Omg — it means I will have more time to make my own art in my studio. And maybe more time to teach more workshops and art classes to kids and adults. I am so thankful for that. I can’t wait!

Claire will generally be at the gallery 4 days a week, so please stop by sometime soon and welcome her to the gallery and to the 400 block of Last Chance Gulch.

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Claire Bachofner,  welcome! Thank you for taking a chance with us.