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March 3 through April 11, 2017

Best of the Back Room is a curated exhibit of all of our favorites artworks we’ve had in our large storage room downstairs. We rotate these works into the Back Gallery every month or so. Now the best of the best have taken over the entire gallery. We hope you can make time to see these artworks in person. Drop in and I will make you a cup of espresso and we always have cookies.

best of the back room featured artists:

Elizabeth Bass, Tina Garrick Albro, Kallie Audet, Tim J. Carney, Mary Shaughnessy, Trudy Skari, Patty Ceglio, Susan Mattson, Peter Shaughnessy, Darla Myers, Page Kelly Piccolo, Sarah Magar, Nancy Goughnour, Maureen Shaughnessy, Dan McArdle, John Andrew, Maureen Cole and Gregg Edelen.