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Past Exhibits


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HOME: An Invitational Group Exhibit

Home Featuring Artworks by Karen Abel, Brad Defrees, Maureen Cole, Cindy Hanson, Jennifer Thompson, Amanda Fulk, Clare Emery, Wendy Anderson, Cassie Smith and Maureen Shaughnessy, Tina Albro,  Details:  Saturday, June 5 through Saturday July 10 Open House June 5 from 10am to 5pm Gallery Talk and Exhibit Tour: Saturday June… Read more

BODY: Art Jewelry & Figurative Art Invitational

BODY: First Annual Art Jewelry & Figurative Art Invitational Featuring works by Laurie Shaman, Ouida Touchon, Bonnie Lambert, Margaret Regan, Shelley Jones, Paul Guilemette, Dave Barnes, Lori Blaylock, Kris Kramer, Pyper Hugos, Suzy Fabian, Virginia Nicolucci, Kat Allen and Judy Kline Friday, July 7th through Tuesday, August 15, 2017 Opening… Read more


Best of the Back Room

BEST OF THE BACK ROOM March 3 through April 11, 2017 Best of the Back Room is a curated exhibit of all of our favorites artworks we’ve had in our large storage room downstairs. We rotate these works into the Back Gallery every month or so. Now the best of the best… Read more


We are excited to pair our newest gallery artist Tina Albro, of Seattle Washington, with gallery owner Maureen Shaughnessy in “One Off,” an exhibit of new one-of-a-kind prints by both artists. A reception to meet the artists will be Friday evening, April 15th from 5 to 8. Door opens at 5 Casual artist talks will… Read more

Genius Loci – Experience the Soul of Place

GENIUS LOCI: EXPERIENCE THE SOUL OF PLACE Folks who came to opening night and listened/conversed with the three artists reported that it was one of the most interesting gallery talks and exhibits they had ever attended. Many were inspired by the artists’ enthusiasm, honesty and warmth, to try sketching and… Read more

All Artist Winter Review

1+1=1 Gallery shows new work and Back-Gallery favorites by all 16 artists we represent in the exhibit, All-Artist-Winter-Review. Exhibit will be open from February 5 through April 12, 2016. Featured artists are Patty Ceglio, Nancy Goughnour, Gregg Edelen, Andrea Cross Guns, Marybeth Shaughnessy, Tim Carney, John Andrew, Susan Mattson, Jean Albus, Samantha… Read more

One Family: Three Visions

One Family: Three Visions 1+1=1 Gallery is honored to host three artists at our exhibit, One Family, Three Visions. Featured artists are Marybeth Shaughnessy, Maureen Shaughnessy and Peter Shaughnessy. You are cordially invited to the Opening Reception Nov. 20, 2016 Reception 5 to 8pm at the gallery Informal Artist Talks 5:30… Read more

Visual Poetry

1+1=1 Gallery is pleased to present “Visual Poetry,” an exhibit of paintings and sculptures by Andrea Cross Guns and Trudy Skari. “Visual Poetry” opens Friday evening, September 25 at 5pm and continues through October 24th.   Opening reception begins at 5pm; informal gallery talks by Trudy and Andrea will be… Read more

Genius Loci: Experience the Soul of Place

1+1=1 Gallery presents “Genius Loci: Experience the Soul of Place,” an exhibit of sketches, travel sketchbooks and sketch-journals by Gabe Shaughnessy, Mj Williams and Nancy Owens. Genius Loci opens Friday evening, April 14th at 5pm and continues through May 22nd. Come find out during a conversational gallery talk by the… Read more

Young Voices

Young Voices We invite you to an opening reception of our upcoming exhibit, “Young Voices” on the evening of Oct. 30th, at 1+1=1 Gallery. Please come support these young artists, ages 9 to 13, in their first group exhibit in Helena. Artists featured in the exhibit are Adia Terry, Ema Terry,… Read more

Pattern and Surface

Pattern & Surface April 1 – May 17 Opening Reception: Wed April 1, 5 – 8pm Artists Talks: April 1, 5:30-6pm    Pattern and Surface features works by three Montana artists, Samantha Briegel, Nerissa Eckerson and Sarah Magar. These three artists create artworks in unique styles using very different techniques, yet… Read more

Of The Earth

August 14 through September 22, 2015 1+1=1 Gallery is pleased and honored to present two well-known Montana artists who not only live closely connected to the Earth, but gain much of their artistic and creative inspiration directly from their natural environment. Bridger photograher, Jean Albus, has been creating her constructed photographs… Read more

Textile and Texture

June 26 through August 12, 2015 TEXTILE & TEXTURE 1+1=1 Gallery is pleased and honored to present three Montana artists whose artwork focuses on earthy colors, textural forms and natural elements. Please join us any day during the exhibit to view the works of Carol Wilbur, Gregg Edelen and Susan… Read more

A Natural Connection

A Natural Connection Featuring works by John Andrew, Alaina Buffalo Spirit and Bill Ryder February 13th, 2015 through March 30th, 2015 Opening Reception February 13th at 5:30 – 8pm Artist Talks February 13th at 5:30pm, reception follows. A Natural Connection highlights the way artists often use discarded, unwanted or damaged materials to… Read more

Celebrate the Body

Celebrate the Body Featuring works by Patty Ceglio, Nancy Goughnour and Maureen Shaughnessy Thursday, May 21st through Tuesday, June 23rd, 2015 Opening Reception Thursday May 21st from 5:00 – 8pm Artist Talks May 21st. Reception to follow. Celebrate the Body features  figurative works from three local artists, many of which were drawn in life drawing… Read more


Six! is a group show featuring artworks by Samantha Briegel, Patty Ceglio, Andrea Cross Guns, Gregg Edelen, Wilbur Rehmann and Trudy Skari November 17th 2014 through February 1, 2015 Opening Reception November 17 at 5:00pm Artist Talks December 12 at 5:30pm Samantha Briegel Samantha Briegel Ceramic Artist Patty Ceglio Patty… Read more