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Celebrate the Body

Featuring works by Patty Ceglio, Nancy Goughnour and Maureen Shaughnessy

Celebrate the Body features  figurative works from three local artists, many of which were drawn in life drawing studio sessions — the human figure in all shapes and sizes. We hope gallery visitors who may be unfamiliar with figurative art become more comfortable with the human body, the human form, with all body types … nude, clothed, unclothed. Old, young, large, small. Figurative art differs from erotica: In Celebrate the Body,  figures are shown in comfortable, natural ways rather than in a way that creates sexual impulses. For centuries, the artistic nude has been displayed in homes, public buildings, even in churches (think the Sistine Chapel.) Are you bold enough to hang a tasteful nude in your home? 

Each of these three artist’s vision begins with the human body — both clothed and nude — and is expressed in two dimensional or three dimensional media in unique ways: 

  • Ceramic artist, Patty Ceglio works with clay to create platters, bowls and other functional ceramics. Patty has created an all new body of work for this exhibit using the sgraffito technique she has become known for. She has been further exploring including body images on her ceramics, something she began last year and exhibited at Six! (the group show in November and December at 1+1=1) Patty also likes to include inspirational quotes by some of her favorite environmentalists such as John Muir. She seamlessly incorporates figure drawing with calligraphy on her unique pieces. 
  • Helena ceramic sculptor, Nancy Goughnour makes charming tiny women’s figures of ceramic. She groups her figures in such a way that we can relate to their conversations and their life-experiences as embodied in the clay surfaces and body language. Nancy also creates more classical torsos with various clay techniques such as scribed surfaces and raku or wood firing. Nancy has been sculpting most of her life in mediums such as wood and bronze. Come see her new ceramic sculptures and wall pieces. 
  • Gallery owner and artist, Maureen Shaughnessy, works in acrylic, collage, graphite and charcoal to create mixed media pieces that celebrate all the natural beauty of women’s figures. As a way to come to peace with body-image issues in her own and her friends’ lives, Maureen explores images of strength, sensuality, poetry and healing through her drawings and paintings. Come see her pregnant bellies, lounging goddesses and tall, dancing female figures that celebrate the diversity of our humanity.