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Postcard for Genius Loci Exhibit April 2017


Folks who came to opening night and listened/conversed with the three artists reported that it was one of the most interesting gallery talks and exhibits they had ever attended. Many were inspired by the artists’ enthusiasm, honesty and warmth, to try sketching and keeping a travel sketchbook themselves. 

Genius Loci featured the travel sketchbooks of three artists whom you may not know as “visual artists.”  Mj Williams, vocalist/trombonist, and Nancy Owens, retired PhD in Anthropology, travel together to Europe every year and have been sketching and painting in their artist-notebooks for 15 years.

Gabe Shaughnessy has kept an artist’s sketchbook for over 15 years, creating most of his notebooks by hand. A few years back, he began using a digital drawing tablet along with his ‘analog’ sketchbooks on his bike tours, and travels around North America, Italy and Japan.

The three artists had a conversation with each other and our audience, at the beginning of our opening night reception. By being able to flip through their sketchbooks and see their best work on the walls, as well as listen and ask questions, our gallery visitors left inspired to do some of their own drawing while they travel or in everyday life.

Queen City Framers and Art Supply had a table at the gallery, with a display of drawing supplies, including sketchbooks (Gabe’s, Mj’s, Nancy’s and Maureen’s favorites) along with portable art supplies and tools. These were for sale at the reception and during the month of the exhibit. Can you tell we truly want to encourage you all to dive right in?