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Artworks by Karen Abel, Brad Defrees, Maureen Cole, Cindy Hanson, Jennifer Thompson, Amanda Fulk, Clare Emery, Wendy Anderson, Cassie Smith and Maureen Shaughnessy, Tina Albro, 


  • Saturday, June 5 through Saturday July 10
  • Open House June 5 from 10am to 5pm
  • Gallery Talk and Exhibit Tour: Saturday June 12, from 1pm to 2pm
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Home, an exhibit of eleven artists’ personal sense of place and home

Home is more than a place, it’s an atmosphere. At times, our sense of home is active and on the move, found only in our willingness to pursue the sweet breeze or sudden budburst. These moments of home, those we sometimes seek beyond our familiar walls and windows, are as true as the air is fresh. These rare encounters, when our precious, private inscape aligns with the ever assertive landscape, remind ing us that, in many ways, we are always home- that we each carry within us a golden ticket, an open invitation, a never worn out welcome to the hospitality of the heart.

Home exists as the place we currently hang our hat, line up our slippers, flop our heads down on our pillows. It’s where we boil our water and rub the bellies of our pets. But, our sense of home remains unconfined and fluid in time. 

Flashbacks of childhood homes anchor us into moments of our strongest and oldest memories. Details remain vivid albeit dreamy. We recall shadow puppets on specific walls and all the very best hide-and-go-seek spots.

We each need a place to call home

In so many ways, home can be an anchor or a time machine. It might be a fragile nest, a deep cave or a simple bed of grass. Whoever we are, if we’re to endure our daily chaos and calamity, we’ll need a center to return to, a place to call home. Over time, we’ll build and tear down, rearrange and restructure, grow and dream. But, always, no matter what, we long to belong. 

What does “Home” mean to you?

In this exhibit, we shine the light on several artists who’ve gathered their own materials and traversed the tender territory of home for us to see. You’re invited to step into each piece as if you are an honored guest. Because you are. So please, by all means, make yourself at home.

Karen Abel – Ceramic Sculpture
Wendy Anderson – Ceramic Wall Sculpture
Maureen Cole – Porcelain Pottery
Claire Emery – Woodcuts
Amanda Fulk – Ceramic Sculpture
Jennifer Thompson – Sculptures using Natural Materials
Cindy Hanson – Fiber Sculptures
Maureen Shaughnessy – Drypoint Etching & Collagraph Monoprints
Brad DeFrees – Watercolor
Cassie Smith – Ink & Acrylic on Birch Wood