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June 26 through August 12, 2015


1+1=1 Gallery is pleased and honored to present three Montana artists whose artwork focuses on earthy colors, textural forms and natural elements. Please join us any day during the exhibit to view the works of Carol Wilbur, Gregg Edelen and Susan Matton. 

Butte ceramic artist Gregg Edelen, has recently expanded his exploration of wood-fired ceramics at the Archie Bray Foundation where he has been a student for over 20 years. Wood firing, in particular, anagama kiln firing, produces stunning unexpected results in the clays and glazes. Gregg’s platters, wall plates, tea bowls and other functional ceramic ware display rich earthy tones and textures. An avid fly fisherman, Gregg also created a large installation of ceramic trout for the show. Horsehair raku and glazed, they will be swimming across the gallery wall for your delight. 

Helena ceramicist and sculptor Susan Mattson works in her studio at the Clay Arts Guild.  Her ceramic animal sculptures are a well-kept secret in Helena and we are pleased to help launch her sculpting career with this show.  Susan’s large sculptures depict ravens, foxes, rabbits, jackals, pigs and other animals whose bodies are composed of hundreds of human faces each with a unique expression. Every piece she creates is rich in texture, earthy color and profound emotion. 

Missoula textile artist and poet, Carol Wilbur spent a lifetime teaching highschool and weaving for pure enjoyment. Her body of work in this exhibit includes a seasonal installation of shibori-dyed botanical silks as well as her woven silk and bamboo wearable art. Carol uses a series of processes including wrapping, dyeing and burying to create cloth that captures moments in time. The result is silk with a network of delicate patterns, traces of shadowy petals and leaves, and the subtle colors only nature provides.  

  • Gregg Edelen, functional ceramics and wall art
  • Susan Mattson, ceramic sculpture
  • Carol Wilbur, botanical silks, shibori dyed textiles and woven art

Opening reception June 26th from 5 to 8pm
Informal Artist Talks 5:30 to 6:10pm
Appetizers, Desserts, Wine 6 to 8pm

1+1=1 Gallery is open Tues – Sat, 11 to 6
434 North Last Chance Gulch, Helena
tel. 406.431.9931

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Gregg Edelen, ceramic artist

Susan Mattson, ceramic sculptor

Carol Wilbur, textile artist

2015 Exhibit Schedule

  • Feb 13 – Mar 30 – Connection to the Natural World (Alaina Buffalo Spirit, John Andrew, Bill Ryder)
  • April 1 – May 16 – Pattern and Surface (Nerissa Eckerson, Samantha Briegel, Sarah Magar)
  • May 21 –  June 23 – Celebrating the Body (Patty Ceglio, Maureen Shaughnessy, Nancy Goughnour) 
  • June 26 – August 12 – Textile and Texture (Carol Wilbur, Gregg Edelen)
  • August 14 – Sept 22 – Of the Earth (Tim Carney, Jean Albus)
  • Sept 25 – Oct 28 – Visual Poems  (Andrea Cross Guns, Trudy Skari)
  • Oct 30 – Nov 17 –  Young Voices – Children’s Art
  • Nov 20 – Dec 24 – Three in One (Marybeth Shaughnessy, Peter Shaughnessy, Maureen Shaughnessy) 
  • Jan 6 2016 through Jan 30 – All Gallery Artists Exhibit & Hygge Open House