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Anora Williams, Young Artist

Read Along with Anora Williams’ Artist Talk


Hi, my name is Anora. I am 8 years old.  When I’m coming up with ideas for my art, I am inspired by Nature. Some of my favorite things in life are insects, little pieces of wood with birds eyes in them, smooth rocks and plants!

I like making art because it makes me happy and it helps me calm down. Whenever I’m in an art studio I feel safe & free to create whatever I would like. When I make art, no matter where I am, I feel comfortable.

The technique I used in this piece called “The Tiger’s Eye” is layered painting. First I painted fire and then I painted over it doing a black to white ombré . When it was still wet I made all the textures using a really cool tool with bristles that go from thin to thick. Then I painted the pupil. My piece has a feeling which is HUNGRY. Like the tiger is watching you as you look at the painting.

I was planning on making a fire painting but it turned into a tigers eye. My favorite colors are red, black and blue. The blue is for the river the tiger is standing next to. And the red and orange are warm like a fire. The black is the tiger’s stripe. I like black because it’s dark like the night.

I love texture! The white textures make me feel calm like the wind blowing softly. The black texture makes me feel free and wild. The eye is like my energy. The day I made this painting I was happy because it was my first day at in-person art class. I really like doing large pieces so I can spend a lot of time working on them. 

Thank you for supporting kids making their art and three local nonprofit groups.