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Amelia Williams, Young Artist

Read Along with Amelia Williams’ Artist Talk


Hi, my name is Amelia Williams and I am 8 years old. When I’m coming up with ideas for my art, I am inspired by bright colors. The colors that I use the most are usually fun! I really like painting nature so I use natural colors a lot.

I like making art because it is calming for me. It makes me feel like I can do anything. When I am creating art I like to sing because singing makes me happy. When people look at my art I want them to feel excited!

The technique I used in this piece called ‘2020’ – yes, I name one of my pieces 2020 – is called dry point etching. I made this piece by taking a picture of me and carving it onto plexiglass then I rolled ink onto the plexiglass. I put a piece of paper on the plexiglass and then rolled it through the printing press..

My piece has a sad and serious feeling. COVID is a very serious time and I was sad because I didn’t get to see my grandparents without a mask or social distancing. I really miss hugs and snuggles. I used particular colors in this piece. I chose them because blue means sad, like teardrops; and red and purple mean serious. The purple and red balls are the virus Covid-19. 

I chose to use certain types of lines and textures in my piece. I chose textures of lines and spirals. The sharp lines remind me of being scared. I was scared of my family getting sick. And I just really liked the pattern the sponge made when I pressed it down and twisted it.

Last winter when COVID-19 started, my mom was picking me up from my dads and she told me we weren’t going to go to school anymore. Before this we knew Covid-19 was in China but it hadn’t come to Helena. When COVID-19 started we started wearing masks to stores and social distancing from our grandparents. We went on walks with them, but we still had to social distance ourselves. I wonder how it would feel to stop wearing masks in public? 

Thank you for taking your time and looking at my artwork. We are donating money to three nonprofits groups here in Helena. Thank you!