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Ciana Williams, Young Artist

Read Along with Ciana Williams’ Artist Talk

Hi. My name is Ciana and I’m 11 years old. When I’m coming up with ideas for my art, I am inspired by my pets, being outside adventuring and just looking around me. I like making art because it is calming, relaxing, and it gets me somewhere else in my mind. When I am creating art, it feels like all of my thoughts just escape from my mind.

The technique I used in this piece called “Catching Up” is acrylic paint on a wood panel. I like using wood panels because they are really smooth, compared to a canvas that is really bumpy. I like the texture when the paint brush rolls on the wood. The smoothness is really nice. 

My piece has a happy feeling.  I used yellow which is it is a happy color and and reminds me of sunshine on a sunny day and the excitement of the birds chirping and school and spring makes me happy. Here’s why I chose the colors in this piece. Spring is my favorite season so I used green because it reminds me of the grass and life growing around me. And I used yellow because it reminds me of warmth and light. The textures in my piece are mostly smooth, but they have some bumps also. I chose these textures because they’re kind of like life, sometimes there’s bumps along the way but we always get over them into the smooth parts.

I’m really excited to go back to public school and see my friends again. A backpack means a lot to me right now. It means school, friends, and learning an instrument.

Thank you for looking at my art. We are donating part of the sales to local businesses in Helena. Thank you! 

Here are Ciana’s pieces for sale: