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Hazel Hibbard, Young Artist

Read Along with Hazel Hibbard’s Artist Talk

Hello. My name is Hazel Jane Hibbard. I’m 7 years old and this year I’m turning 8.  I like taking art classes with Maureen because there are more supplies than I have at home. I also really like doing art! There are some artists in our family, but I learn new things in the art class. Sometimes when I don’t know what to draw or paint, I just start drawing anything random and see how it turns out such as horses, birds, sometimes unicorns and dragons. 

For my self portrait, “Pale Girl at a Dance Party” I carved my face on plexiglass and then put ink on it. Then I rubbed off some of the ink. We pressed some paper on the plexiglass with a printing press. When it was dry I painted it with ink. There’s a disco ball and lots of confetti so it’s a dance party! 

This little painting is painted on wood. Maureen asked us to paint what we miss because of Covid. I decided to paint the beach because I really, really miss Florida and I titled it “The Beach” because it was at the beach. One day at the beach when I was with my Florida cousins, I watched some dolphins and it made me really excited because I never saw dolphins at the beach. 

Thank you for listening to my talk. 

Here are Hazel’s pieces for sale: