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Kids Collage with Flub-ups, Oops and Leftovers

July 14th Kids Creativity Sesh

Flub-ups, Oops and Leftovers Make Cool Collages

Ema cutting a kerfluffully oopsSometimes one of my¬†paintings or drawings just isn’t up to snuff… But that’s okay. It’s chill. I don’t worry and — I definitely don’t toss it! That’s like gold in the hands of a collage artist (that would be you, or your kiddo, in this fun class.)


In this Kids Creativity Sesh, we’ll use some of the abstract paintings we made earlier this summer, and some of the black and white drawings we made with our handmade brushes to make something new and wonderful.

We’ll cut, arrange, ponder, rearrange and use our creative intuition to make textural, colorful, interesting collages. Don’t worry if you didn’t attend the painting sessions. We have lots of flub-ups and scraps you can use.

Kids Creativity classes are limited to 6 students, ages 9 to 13. Maureen’s studio is located at 434 N. Last Chance Gulch in downtown Helena. It’s the room behind the gallery. Cost of the class is $24 and includes all materials, tools and a nutritious snack.

Please sign up to reserve space for your child. Call 406.431.9931 for more info or if you have trouble with the signup online. (Below)

Sign up by clicking the image below:


The works created by students in our summer classes will be part of “Young Voices,” an art exhibit at 1+1=1 Gallery, from October 30 through November 15th. Students will have some opportunities during September on weekends, to learn the behind-the-scenes of planning, curating and carrying out a real art show. Complete with publicity, opening reception, artist talks!