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Kids Creativity Sesh Summer Round Up 2015


Alrightee then … we finally have our entire summer schedule for the Kids’ Creativity Classes at 1+1=1 Gallery and Brown Bird Studio (the very back, very cool, bright studio space behind the gallery.)

Classes are always on a Tuesday morning, 9:00 to noon. Tuition is $24/class and includes all materials and a nutritious snack. 

Click on “Classes, Workshops” in the Gallery Shop. $24 per child per class. Includes all materials and snacks.

So here goes …


June 16th:  SESH FULL  Make our own Handmade Brushes and Mark Making Tools Explore many natural, odd, and found materials and how each different material works with ink and paint on surfaces. We will use long, curvy branches, wire, glue and other stuff to make paint brushes and mark-making tools. Then we’ll develop each our own vocabulary of marks unique to us. This is gonna be a really fun sesh!

June 23: Paint How You Feel  ~ Abstract Painting  Learn more about abstract art as a way to express how we feel rather than what we think something should “look” like. We paint using our whole body (not just fingers and wrists) so we can get really expressive and loose! This will involve movement of varying kinds, colorful paints — and very large pieces of paper on the floor and walls!

July 7: Driftwood and Root Sculptures  Create creature-sculptures of Montana driftwood and paint, thread, wire. We’ll use wire, thread, beads and other flotsam and jetsam to wrap and decorate the wood, along with acrylic paints for color. Sculptures can be either hanging or mounted on hardwood bases. This is a creativity-enhancing project in that we’ll let the pieces of driftwood “tell” us what they want to be, and we artists will help them become that. Who knows what we’ll end up with?.

Go to Classes, Workshops in the Gallery Shop. $24 per child per class. Includes all materials and snacks.

Classes below will be available for signing up after June 23rd. Watch our Facebook Event page for updates when the classes are online to purchase. Thanks!


July 14: Flub-ups, Oops and Leftovers Make Cool Collages. Sometimes one of our paintings or drawings just isn’t up to snuff… don’t worry and — definitely don’t toss it! That’s like gold in the hands of a collage artist (that would be you, when you take this class.) In this Kids Creativity Sesh, we’ll use some of the abstract paintings we made earlier this summer, and some of the black nd white drawings we made with our handmade brushes. We’ll cut, arrange, ponder, rearrange and use our creative intuition to make textural, colorful, interesting collages. Don’t worry if you didn’t attend the painting session. We have lots of flub-ups and scraps you can use. See ya there! .

July 21: Get wild with mixed-media art on wood panels and canvases. We will each have a wood panel and a large art canvas. In our three hour class today, we’ll experiment with various mixed media techniques including ways to attach found objects, painting layers and glazes, collaging with papers, photo transfers, human toss-aways, and natural materials. We’ll focus not just on techniques, but also on telling a story with these two pieces

July 28: No Class Today

August 4: No Class Today



August 11: Part Two of Mixed Media Wildness: we’ll complete our mixed-media artworks on wood panels and large canvases. Kids who participated in the July 21st sesh (when we did not complete our pieces) will be able to add to their collages, do some more painting, drawing and texturing their art during this session. At the end of the three hour sesh, time permitting, we will begin to frame the works on paper to get ready for the fall art exhibit.

August 18: Printmaking Experiments with natural and found objects using several printmaking techniques that will stretch our imaginations! Involves sharp cutting tools (and of course, instruction on safety with the tools, lol)

August 25: Plaster sculptures using casts of our faces, hands or feet or found objects … we’ll end up with a 3d plaster pieces we can carve into easily, sand, paint and add onto with more plaster. Plaster is a good material to learn basic sculpting skills. It sets quickly and is soft enough to carve. Plaster pieces can be worked on with various tools such as knives, files, and sand paper


Saturday, September 26: Explore the benefits and challenges — in a cool, fun way — of painting really tiny vs. painting large. We’ll learn to look at the world around us up close and personal by using perception-altering tools such as tiny squares”crop” things out of our normal sightline, or simple kaleidoscopes so we can see with “compound eyes.”  We’ll make some small “studies” from these little window views of the world, then from those tiny studies, create very large paintings. We might even cut up our large paintings, reconstructing them into really cool abstract colorful collages. This is going to be an exciting, go-with-the-flow fun class!

NEXT, I am offering something really special:  Curate and Plan a real Art Gallery Exhibit with Your Own Art!  Three Kids Creativity Sesh’s so we can prepare for the art exhibit that opens October 30. If your kids plan to be part of the Young Voices exhibit, they must attend all three of these sessions. I am flexible as to the days and times if we can get at least half the kids to attend at the same time. I am also open to splitting the group into two smaller groups so they can have more 1:1 attention from me and feel more confident.

Saturday, October 3: Young Curators Young Voices 1: We’ll start with a short field trip to the Holter to discuss how a show is hung, then we’ll come look at the current show at 1+1=1 Gallery and talk about the differences.

Then we’ll look at all of the work submitted to the show, and choose the pieces that will be accepted into the show. (This involves critiquing their own and each other’s artworks, plus looking at the physical spaces and deciding how many we can display.)

Next, we’ll talk about presentation and lighting (includes frames, how to hang unframed pieces, how we might hang or display 3d pieces from the ceiling or on pedestals) If we have time we’ll do some framing.

Finally, we will get started planning how to promote the show. Next time, promotion!

Saturday, October 10: Young Curators, Young Voices 2: This time we’ll do some promotion.

We will list the exhibit in two or three online listing sites, including sending a press release to the Independent Record. We’ll make flyers to be photocopied and distributed around town.

The kids will design postcards and we’ll collectively choose the designs that will be incorporated into the final postcard to be printed and mailed out. If we have time today, we will plan the opening reception party.

Saturday, October 17: Young Curators, Young Voices 3: Two big things on the menu today —

1) each artist will learn how to write an artist statement and short biography. We’ll take head shots of each artist to be included on the artist statement/bio sheet (these will be hung up at the exhibit) We’re also going to title our artworks and decide whether we want to sell them or not. Then we’ll make labels for all the pieces in the show. If you have a laptop your kids can bring to type on, that would be awesome. Otherwise, we’ll use my laptop or the kids can write out their statements and I will type them up later.

2) HCTV interview of all the kids , probably as a group with super short individual interviews. Will be made into a 30 minute documentary, by the HCTV reporter, and will air on HCTV at various times in the next week or two before the show opens.

Saturday, October 24: Make-up sesh for kids who missed one of the other 3 exhibit-planning sessions. Since they must attend at least 3 of these sessions, I am leaving this one open for tying up loose ends, allowing participation by kids who missed something earlier, and just having fun.

We’ll also have a picnic in Women’s Park weather permitting, or if it’s too cold, we’ll have lunch at the HUB or Firetower (you might want to send a little lunch$ with your child) While we’re out, we’ll look at our town and everything we see from the point of view of Artists! Sketchbooks and sketching tools will be provided. I’m hoping to get your kids started on a lifetime of sketching and looking at the world creatively. Next time we meet will be to actually hang the show, the evening of Thursday, October 29th. 7 to 9 pm. I’ll be in touch with parents about that.