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Genevieve Hibbard, Young Artist

Read Along with Genevieve Hibbard’s Artist Talk


Hi. My name is Genevieve and I am 9 years old. I really like taking art class! At my art classes I learn new ways to make art that I didn’t know before. There’s a lot of art around the classroom to look at and I can see the art shows in the gallery. I don’t have many of the supplies at home that I do here, so that’s a good thing.  Plus, if I’m happy, making art keeps me happy. Unless I make a really big mistake that I totally didn’t mean to do, then I re-do it and if I do it right, I’m happy again. 

My ideas come from my brain and sometimes I’ll draw my dog or I draw sheep or a cow or a dragon. These are animals that I know what they look like. This sculpture, titled, “Elk Forest,” is a sculpture made of wood and beads. I chose a piece of wood that looked like antlers and I decided to make an elk. Then I found another piece that looked like a head and glued that on. I didn’t paint the wood because I wanted it to be it’s natural color, like an elk. I chose the beads by having the idea of a forest —  flowers, and other cool looking beads that looked a bit foresty. If you put this sculpture on the wall, it really looks like an elk head. 

I also love to draw dragons because they’re really cool. I learned how to draw dragons by watching a video. I love to read. So, I read books about dragons and watch movies with dragons and I dreamed about riding on dragons in my sleep. I like skiing, biking and ice skating walking and alot of other things and … going on trips! I also love pets – I have a dog named Jura, a cat named Mittens and at least seven ducks named Lily, ButterBill, Sparkle, Lady, Lil Nugget, Stanley and Sweet Sue (whose name is not official yet.) 

I hope you like my art, and that you buy it so that I can donate to some great places. Thank you for listening to my art talk!