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Kaelani Fury, Young Artist

Read Along with Kaelani Fury’s Artist Talk

Hey guys! My name is Kaelani. I am thirteen years old and in 8th grade and I go to HMS. And I will tell you guys all my favorite things about art classes. A couple of my favorite things about art class are that I am able to see my art teacher and able to see Justin and be able to work with them with the projects we do. It’s really fun, because some of where I get my ideas are from my friends and stuff, and from my Grandpa. And my teacher and nature. What I would like to do in the future is to help little kids with their art projects and kids when they hit 13 because I think it would be fun to do! 

My favorite piece of artwork I did is “Celtic Warrior” because it reminds me of a show I watched called WWE and it reminds me of a wrestler named Shamus, and I thought of that.  Another favorite piece of mine is the layered one, because it reminds me of sunshine, and you can do anything with the layers. The reason “Celtic Warrior” is one is my top favorite is because it reminds me of the green areas in Ireland and all nature and I thought that was pretty cool. 

I want to thank my Grandpa for getting me into this art class and thank Ms. Maureen for having me. And it was a pleasure to work with Ms. Maureen and working with Justin. It was honestly the funnest time I’ve had out of my 13 years. And I’m looking forward to working with Maureen next year. Thank you to whoever sponsored me. Hope to see you guys next year! 

Here are Kaelani’s pieces for sale: