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Salome Linden, Young Artist

Read Along with Sali Linden’s Artist Talk


Hi. My name is Sali Linden. I’m in 5th grade. I’d like to tell you something about my art classes and the art I made for this show. 

I love to go to the art studio because we get to use fancy art stuff and I can make whatever I want. Maureen lets us do all kinds of different things and not always the same as each other like in school. I really like getting to use more of my imagination than getting told to do the same thing. 

I come up with ideas for my art by maybe walking around town, looking at different things. Different seasons make me want to draw different things. Or by looking around the classroom that is filled with stuff. I like listening to music while I’m doing art, because the tune or lyrics put ideas in my mind. Like the tune might be spooky or happy or sad. 

Making art gives me different emotions, maybe on one day I’m sad, or another day I’m really excited. It’s fun and the snacks are good. It’s way better than just staying home. 

This piece, “She’s Here!” is a collage with magazine picture of a girl with a very pretty butterfly outfit plus paint, and little scraps of decorated paper that I made.  I glued the girl down then I started painting and glueing shapes and random pieces of paper down.  It looked sort of like a landscape so I thought of ihcluding a butterfly as the sun, and since the figure was pointing to it, I thought she looked like a goddess. Once a year, the butterfly goddess comes up and she chooses someone to give a gift of a happy life. I feel like all of these colors are happy and since they aren’t realistic it’s like a dream. 

On another art piece, this tiny Corona painting, I first sketched out me and my friend on the wood. Then I did my background then my people, and then at the end I added some finishing touches and painted the sides. I really like the red with the dark blue. This little painting is called, “I Miss You!” because I really miss seeing my far away friends because of Corona. My best friend lives in Canada and we can’t go over there. I will feel happy when I get to see my friends again. 

I want to thank the person who sponsored my art classes. I hope you like my art. Have a great day. 


Here are Sali’s pieces for sale: