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Kids: Create Driftwood Critters & Stuff

June 30 Kids Creativity Sesh!

Sculpture: Driftwood Critters
“Elephant Bird”: Driftwood Fantasy Critter

Remember watching clouds and figuring out what shapes you could see with your imaginations? Or making ink blobs and turning them into something “recognizable?” That was always fun, right? We stretch our creative minds outside the box by letting natural or found objects suggest to us what they want to become … fantastical creatures, weird monsters, make-believe machines, whatever our imaginations see when we really LOOK at the found objects.

In this Kids Creativity Sesh, we’ll make 3-d sculptures using driftwood and weathered roots. Starting with a big old pile of wood, we’ll use acrylic paint, copper wire, colorful threads and yarns, and cool flotsam and jetsam bits, then adding a spoonful of creativity and fantasy, several ounces of paint, wire, thread and cool found treasures, we’re gonna populate the studio with chirps, roars, slithers, peeps, snorts and whatnot. (is that really a word? Whatnot? Ahem!)


Creative. Expressive. Fun. Outside-the-box! Cool. Energetic. Productive. Summer-Awesomeness!

Sculpture: Driftwood Critters
If you see flying objects, strange monsters or gear-full objects instead of critters in the driftwood, I encourage you to go for it!

I have a large pile of really cool wood pieces and roots to choose from!  Our sculptures can hang from a piece of fish line and twirl around in the air; or we might have them mounted on a lovely piece of hardwood from Tim Carney’s woodworking shop. I’ll have some bases available in different sizes to choose from for those who want to make a table-top sculpture.


Click the weird bird in the pic below to sign up for this June 30th class! 


Expect greatness and a big stretch of your kid’s imagination. Actually, kids are better at this kind of thing than adults are! Watch out moms and dads! And check out this banana slug: 

The class includes all materials and a nutritious homemade snack.

Starts at 9 goes til noon on Tuesday, June 30th. See you there!

Let’s play with good things.


Sign up by clicking the button below. Hurry. We only have 6 spaces (to give more individual attention.) If the class you want is already full, check back on our Events page for other classes.

Call 406.431.9931 for information or more details, and come in to the gallery to see the studio space if you want! You can either pay for the classes at the gallery or online. Our address is 434 N. Last Chance Gulch, Helena Montana. See you on June 30!


PS to all kids who take 4 or more Kids Creativity Classes with us: your sculptures may be part of a student-exhibit at the gallery in October! Have your art displayed in a professional gallery with great lighting and an opening reception! Learn behind-the-scenes tasks of curating and hanging a fine art exhibit in our last class of the series.

Sculpture: Driftwood Critters
Sculpture: Driftwood Critters