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Kids: Float Your Boat

July 7th Kids Creativity Sesh!



Make boats of paper, cardboard, cloth and other cool stuff.

Then learn about making an art installation in a shop window!

Boys and girls alike, will get into this boat-sculpture-making class. When we’re done with our boats, we’ll have a free, follow up morning when the students will learn about making an installation-art project in the front window of the gallery!

Energetic. 3-dimensional. Fun. Collaborative. Creative. Expressive. Did I mention Fun? Installation





Paper mâché and mixed-media boats of all kinds –take your pick of simple rowboats, sailboats or an old-style ocean going ship. Or all three if we have time! Use found materials, repurposed stuff and creative combinations to make your boat super cool and different with LOTS of our own imagination and creativity.

Making an art installation is a great skill to have. Maybe someday you will work in a retail shop that could use someone with window-display creativity. Or an art gallery like ours, where we put cool stuff in our windows to make people smile when they walk by.  Or you might be an artist invited to submit work in an art museum and you want to make a gigantic thing that takes up a whole museum room.

Besides all that, you might like boats. Or juxtaposing (cool word, eh?) boats with unexpected things like birds and flying fish and clouds and rain storms. I mean UP in the sky, not on water. Ever thought of that? Welp, we’re going to consider those and other unexpected interesting combinations as we make our boats and boat installation. You will get to take your boats home!

Sign up by clicking the button below. Hurry. We only have 6 spaces (to give more individual attention.) If the class you want is already full, check back on our Events page for other classes.

Call 406.431.9931 for information or more details, and come in to the gallery to see the studio space if you want! You can either pay for the classes at the gallery or online. Our address is 434 N. Last Chance Gulch, Helena Montana. See you on July 7th!



PS to all kids who take 4 or more Kids Creativity Classes with us: your boats may be part of a student-exhibit at the gallery in October! Have your art hanging in a professional gallery with great lighting and an opening reception! Learn behind-the-scenes tasks of curating and hanging a fine art exhibit in our last class of the series.