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Kids Creativity: Make Brushes & Mark-Making Tools

Handmade brushes
It’s great fun to use different sticks and things for brush “handles”

Our first Kids Creativity Class of the summer is June 16th


I’m pretty excited to venture into doing my own classes for kids. I’m starting this year with once a week classes for 9 to 13 year olds. Next year, I will probably branch out to younger and older kids, especially if we have a gallery manager who can take over some of the work. [grin]

Energy movement, expression of form, creation of meaningful, new forms. Invented tools. Unique paint brushes. Drawing with found objects and natural materials. Creative. Expressive. Fun. Outside-the-box!

detail of brush marks for girls art sunday
Making marks… each student will develop their own vocabulary of marks.

So … in this first class 6 students will have fun with me, making our own paint brushes and mark-making tools from found objects, squirrel fur, deer hair, grasses, weird stuff, plants, squiggly sticks, wire and other cool things you might have around your house. Your kids can learn it here then teach you at home. How cool is that?

Some of the materials we might use to make our brushes

We’ll invent not only paint brushes but also all kinds of things we can use as tools to make marks. There will be at least one subsequent class to create abstract art expressing how we feel rather than what we think something should “look” like.

Horse Gesture
How do you think a horse feels when it’s galloping fast through a storm?

Sometimes it helps to move our bodies to warm up to creating visual art. We explore the basic rhythms of Flow, Staccato, Chaos, Lyrical and Stillness. We paint using our whole body (not just fingers and wrists) so we can get really expressive and loose! This involves movement of varying kinds and very large pieces of paper on the floor and walls! We play around with the movements to see if we can make our feelings visual. Join us!

Sign up by clicking the button below. Hurry. We only have 6 spaces (to give more individual attention.) If the class you want is already full, check back on our Events page for other classes.

Call 406.431.9931 for information or more details, and come in to the gallery to see the studio space if you want! You can either pay for the classes at the gallery or online. Our address is 434 N. Last Chance Gulch, Helena Montana. See you!



P.S. For all kids who take 4 or more classes with us: your paintings may also be part of a student-exhibit at the gallery, in October! Have your art hanging in a professional gallery with great lighting and an opening reception! Learn the behind-the-scenes tasks of curating and hanging a fine art exhibit in our last class of the series.