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Learn to make Your Own Paint Brushes

Handmade Brushes & Mark Making

Gesture Drawing with Feather BrushSunday Afternoon May 24th, from 2 to 5 pm

Learn how to make your own paintbrushes and mark-making tools out of non-traditional and traditional materials. Handmade brushes can help you establish your own “palette” of personal marks and strokes to make your artwork truly your own.

Only 6 spaces in this workshop! Pre-registration is required.

Register early.

ALL WORKSHOP MATERIALS SUPPLIED. Lots of different materials to choose from! You will go home with some very cool brushes of your own.

Easy Handmade Brushes

After we make our brushes and drawing tools, we’ll experiment and practice making gestural paintings and other mark making on large sheets of paper. I guarantee this is a relaxing and fun way to paint! No pressure. Zen-like non-striving. Expressing what’s bursting to get our of your heart.

Some of the materials we use for the brushes will make a hard-to-control brush, which is PERFECT(!) because it will get you out of your usual drawing and painting habits and into just gestural expressions.

Horse Gesture

Please bring some finger food mid-afternoon snacks to share, and/or a bottle of wine if you want wine. I will provide coffee, tea, and a homemade yummy to eat.

Everyone will go home with a handful of “brushes” and several sheets of gestural paintings. This one is going to be incredibly fun and hopefully awesomely inspiring!

ONLY 6 spaces so please register early by clicking the image below:
Remember to fill in your contact info. 🙂


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