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Leighton Lozar, Young Artist

Read Along with Leighton Lozar’s Artist Talk

Hi. My name is Leighton Lozar and I’m 9 years old. Would you like to know where I get my inspiration?  I get ideas from my imagination and my brain and nature. Making art is a really fun life skill. I really like learning art in our art classes because they are longer than school art, so we can get more done and we are allowed to get messy. I like doing stuff on canvases and wood panels. I like learning new things. I definitely feel satisfied when I make good art. 

The piece I’m going to tell you about I named “Wave-Crazy Cat.” I made it by carving a lino block with a special carving tool. They I used ink to make the block colorful. Then I put paper on it and rubbed it with my hands to make prints. I learned how to use two or three colors at once. I used cool colors because I like cool colors and those are ocean colors. My lines are smooth and soft – that’s the way water feels to me. 

Wave-Crazy Cat feels super dooper happy to me, because she loves surfing, and even though I’ve never done surfing I would like to try it! This cat, named Amber, is having a blast riding on a wave. I’ve never seen a cat surfing before but it would be crazy if I saw one!


Here are Leighton’s pieces for sale: