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Scarlet Carpenter, Young Artist

Scarlet Carpenter’s Artist Talk

Hi, my name is Scarlet and I’m 12 years old, almost 13. I have been making art at 1+1=1 Gallery for several years. I also volunteer here.

I really love being creative. I am inspired by looking around the room, by world news, being outside and adventures with my friends (aka going to the Parrot to get candy.) Also, I love bright colors and plants, the shapes and designs of the leaves, and how surprisingly detailed they are. 

Making art helps me feel accomplished and makes me happy. I love knowing that someone is going to own my art and enjoy it. I also like learning new things and new art styles and forms. I love to see how I have improved over the years. 

I’d like to tell you about this piece I call, “Climate Change.” I used a texture tool that is normally used by tile-layers, but we used it to make a fun texture on the painting. I also used tape and cut out paper shapes as stencils. The main technique I learned was to make an underpainting and let some of it show through the top layers.

My painting, Climate Change, feels like chaos, but it also has a sort of energetic look. When I am feeling all of these things, I get a wave of sadness to think about all the animals dying. The colors in Climate Change appeal to me because the purples and the blues make me feel energetic, warm and happy. When I look at the painting closer I kind of see a landscape, as if I were looking at earth from above. This could be the very far north with tire tracks, chemical spills and water. I used both straight and curvy lines, lots of different marks and circles to create a feeling of energy. 

The day we made our layered paintings, we were listening to music and dancing around. Our paintings were mounted on the wall so I decided that I would take a brush and paint to the beat of the music. I made marks and lines, and splats all over my painting. 

I’d like to say thank you to the person who sponsored my scholarship, and to all of you, for listening to my talk.  I hope you enjoy the show! Thank you! 

Here are Scarlet’s pieces for sale: