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Scot Ray Super8sonic Lap Steel & Film


Scott Ray film promo pic

Scot Ray

Brings a Super8sonic Lap Steel & Film Soundscape 

to a Small  Audience

Sound Gallery will present its first performer of the “Fall/Winter Season” on October 16th. Scot Ray, a multi-instrumentalist musician and composer, currently homesteads in a small mountain town in Southwestern with intermittent excursions to wield his slide guitars in a variety of odd and captivatingly obscure projects including Gutpuppet, Drift & Throttle, Roughnecks, and the Tee-tot Quartet.

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  • Concert starts at 7:30 pm
  • Doors open at 7pm
  • Limited seating. Reserve your seats/buy your tickets early
  • Tickets are $15 (Living Lightly or Student tickets cost $10) All tickets include one beverage
  • Purchase tickets online (see button above or below) or …
  • Call 406.422.3690 or 406.431.9931 for more info and to reserve tickets

Scot Ray in ConcertIn a prankish quest to make the world a more synesthetic place (hear color/see sound), these mundane, offbeat, even bizarre, 8 & 16mm films were collected to interact as fluxus and counterpoint to a transitory soundscape hinged upon lap steel guitar, looping, electronics, and lo-fi gadgetry.

Join us 10/16 @ SOUND GALLERY as we unearth and ‘re-hear’ these filmic finds explored through an ever morphing sonic lens.

Ray’s eclectic slide guitar work is informed by his many years as a professional trombonist – from work with Brian Setzer of the Stray Cats (which involved collaborations with Gwen Stefani, Tony Bennett, and Bob Dylan; along with a Grammy), to pop icons Jason Mraz, Dionne Warwick, Elliot Easton (of The Cars) & Ray Manzarek (of The Doors); from Cuban percussionist Francisco Aguabella to new music pioneers Bill Barrett, Steuart Liebig, Vinny Golia, & Nels Cline (of Wilco); from Caribbean cruise ships and Buddhist funeral bands to performances on David Byrne’s Sessions At W. 54th Street, David Letterman, Jay Leno, Conan O’Brien, The DuMaurier Jazz Festival, and Harmonica Sur Cher France; from soundtracks ‘Stuart Little’, ‘Me, Myself, and Irene’, and ‘Three To Tango’, to a vote as ‘rising star’ from Down Beat Magazine.

Here’s what musicians and jazz critics say about Ray:

“Astonishing slide guitar work.” – Downtown Music Gallery, NY

“Prepare to be slain by his slide-guitar grind…capable of both the downest of Delta slidations and the noisiest of apocalyptic disruptions.” – Metaljazz, Los Angeles

“Scot Ray is a sensible master of the objective sliding truth and I wouldn’t hesitate to compare him to players on the same level of Ry Cooder and Sonny Landreth. He’s a diversified velvet-touch fingerstylist whose evolved phrasing fuses past and future seamlessly, a true joy to hear – and not only for guitarists.” – Touching Extremes, Italy

“Hear the masterful explorations of Scot Ray…structural improvisation…new edges of sound…indian flavoured acid musings.” – Psychedelic Folk, Belgium

“Ray generates a kaleidoscopic array of sound with his amplified dobro; from languid slides to fragmentary picking, his instrument’s resonator hums with ghostly blues inflection one minute, scintillating crystalline shards the next.” – Troy Collins, All About Jazz

Hope to see you on the 16th! Don’t miss this unique opportunity to participate in one of the best, coolest music scenes in .

Buy tickets at the link below (click on icon below) or call Mj (406.422.3690) or Maureen (406.431.9931) to reserve your seats. We are only selling 44 tickets because our gallery space has a limited number of occupants. Reserve your seats early so you don’t miss this incredible performance. See you there on October 16th. Remember doors open at 7pm. Concert at 7:30.
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What Is Sound Gallery?

What would it be like: hearing music through someone else’s ears? What does it mean to really listen. Can we hear three-dimensionally? Is music the most personal of all the art forms? Do we hear with only our ears? The Sound Gallery will be dedicated to the exploration of both music and listening. We invite you to join us on a grand adventure which is half “music performance” and half you the audience and your ability to listen.

“New music: new listening. Not an attempt to understand something that is being said,for, if something were being said, the sounds would be given the shapes of words. Just an attention to the activity of sounds.” John Cage

In a world full of sound we are proposing a series of small concerts that are unique journeys into an interior landscape of musical composition. Whether instantaneous or written down, each concert will be an original sonic viewpoint.

For more info and to reserve seats, call Maureen 406.431.9931 or Mj Williams 406.422,3690


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