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Taking a winter break … reopening with a new show

Gallery window while we are close

Gallery window while we are close

Hello, good readers, dear friends and gallery visitors:

1+1=1 Gallery will be closed January 17th through February 4th. We are re-opening the evening of February 5th with a new, exciting exhibit, so we hope many of our customers from around Montana will be able to attend that opening reception. More details below.

So … nope — it’s not a vacay — I’m just taking a couple week break from having the gallery open. I’ll be in my studio painting and getting ready for my winter art class series. Also working on the website (it’s been many months since the site went live and the artists pages still are not finished! I don’t even have an artist page for myself. Oh well — the shoemaker’s kids and the cabinet maker’s kitchen …)

We are making some additions to the gallery: a permanent photography setup; a shipping room and as always, more shelves and pedestals. Plus I’ll be painting over the beautiful mural that was part of the last exhibit installation. And Tim is doin some honey-do’s. Plus, we have some exciting new events coming up!

Upcoming Events 

All Artist Winter Review Feb 5 through Mar 4

Our first exhibit of 2016 opens February 5th from 5 to 8 pm. Please join us for a reception that evening at our All Artist Winter Review. The gallery will be arranged as one large exhibit (doing away with the Back Gallery) and all 16 of our currently represented artists will have pieces in this show — most will have some brand new pieces and the others will have pieces on display you haven’t seen. One of our artists, known for a particular medium, will also show works in a different –I mean really different — medium. I think you’re going to love seeing the two together!

Our local artists will be at the reception to answer questions and enjoy your eyeballs on their work. We’ll even have a long-distance-surprise for you!

Artists represented in the All-Artist-Review

  • Jean Albus
  • John Andrew
  • Samantha Briegel
  • Tim Carney
  • Patty Ceglio
  • Andrea Cross Guns
  • Nerissa Eckerson
  • Gregg Edelen
  • Nancy Goughnour
  • Sarah Magar
  • Susan Mattson
  • Wilbur Rehmann
  • Mary Shaughnessy
  • Peter Shaughnessy
  • Maureen Shaughnessy
  • Trudy Skari


2nd Annual Hygge Open House February 6 through 11

Beginning Saturday, February 6th right after opening night, we will host our second winter hygge open house week. It was so much fun last winter, we decided to make it an annual event. Yep. This is the time of year Montanans often wonder what to do (besides getting out in the snow or hotsprings — or leaving the state altogether). We truly need something to give us some winter spunk and pizazz. Thus — our Hygge idea. The Danish concept of Hygge is hard to translate. Think coziness, closeness, light, having beer with friends, hanging out in a warm place with friends, being part of a community, family-time, candlelight, fun. But even reading a book curled up by yourself under a duvet next to a wood stove can be hygge. Read more about Hygge here. 

1+1=1 is really doin it up for our Hygge Open House Week. Everything is free. Hot delicious beverages, homemade goodies, daily live music from 4:30 to 6pm and daily art-demos from noon to 1:30. Candlelight. A warm space. Hugs and smiles and gorgeous art to see.

Go here  and here for more details.