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Now Carrying Traditional Huichol Beadwork

Earrings, Necklace & Cuff by traditional Huichol artists

Have you seen this kind of gorgeous beadwork as you’re browsing the web? Well, maybe you have — or maybe it’s something brand new to your eyes. Now you can come down to the 1+1=1 and try it on for yourself! See how it looks on you. Or check it out as a gift for someone you love. We are now carrying a wide selection of fabulous handmade Huichol jewelry — at very affordable prices!

Tim and I have been practicing a beautiful, heart-centered spiritual path for over 25 years. We met in 1989 at our study group’s retreat. I am deeply grateful to the Creator, to our shaman-teacher, and to the Huichols, for everything I have learned since then, for the blessings of my life and for the continued opportunity to deepen my relationship with the world around me in a shamanic way.

One way we can give back to the Huichols is to help them retain their traditional way of life as much as possible, including their incredibly beautiful art crafts. The Huichol people who create this jewelry, are paid a fair wage and thus do not have to leave their mountain villages to work in agricultural jobs that expose them to toxic chemicals. By continuing their traditional art crafts, they are able to live close to the land as they have for thousands of years.

Huichol art is visionary art. The designs, symbols and colors come to the artists in visions and dreams. I have always loved and been attracted to the wild color combinations of Huichol yarn paintings and beadwork. I wear these earrings every day, choosing carefully for the symbol and colors that inspire me.

Below are some of the pieces we have in the gallery, modeled by my dear friend, Shayna. As you can see, the beadwork looks great with casual or dressy outfits. Come try some on!

If you see something you like/want/can’t-live-without … let us know — just email us at [email protected] and we’ll try to match your wants to what we have!