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Tari Nelson-Zagar Violin Concert Sept 24

Sound Gallery Presents

Tari Nelson Zagar at 1+1=1

We’re excited to have Seattle violinist, Tari Nelson Zagar, back in her hometown at Sound Gallery this month. If you attended last year’s performance by Tari, you know it was a rare treat and we had a full house.

In this performance Nelson-Zagar brings another evening of sound exploration to the gallery, using found sound, improvisation, and discovering new music conversations hidden in old treasures. You might hear jazz standards, a virtuosic violin concerto, or an old cowboy song. You might want to bring all the bells you own, too!

Although in many of her concerts, Nelson-Zagar plays new music with composers and choreographers, she’ll be playing something different for us: improvised music,  a little jazz, some of her favorite music from the last century, and whatever else wanders into the room. Last summer, she played along with a serendipitous chorus of cathedral bells, and (very) loud motorcycles speeding by the open gallery door. What will she find to play with this time? Tari is full of surprises, so be ready for possible audience participation and maybe a game. Hmmm.

What: an improvisational solo violin performance by Tari Nelson Zagar

Where: Sound Gallery is located at 1+1=1 Gallery 434 North Last Chance Gulch, Helena Montana

When: Sunday evening Sept. 24th from 7 to 7:30p – social hour and get good seats — complimentary wine with cheese and chocolate. Music starts and house lights go down promptly at 7:30p.

Who: anyone of any age, who loves music and is open to deep listening in an intimate atmosphere. No stage. Small audience. New music!

How much: All Sound Gallery concerts have no charge, but we gratefully accept donations large or small, so we can pay the musicians and tune the piano. Pay what you can. We appreciate your generosity. Thank you!

Sound Gallery is the only venue in Helena offering original, new experimental music for small audiences. Please join us at  in the atmosphere of a fine art visual gallery; enjoy chocolates and cheese, a glass of wine or fresh citrus water; sit back and experience a magical sound adventure.

For more information about Sound Gallery performances, contact Maureen at 406.431.9931 or Mj Williams at 406.422.3690.

Tari Nelson Zagar in Concert

Helena artist and arts-supporter, Suzy Holt, says “I saw Tari in concert at the Myrna Loy years ago and she knocked my socks off! Unforgettable!”

What Is Sound Gallery?

What would it be like: hearing music through someone else’s ears? What does it mean to really listen. Can we hear three-dimensionally? Is music the most personal of all the art forms? Do we hear with only our ears? The Sound Gallery will be dedicated to the exploration of both music and listening. We invite you to join us on a grand adventure which is half “music performance” and half you the audience and your ability to listen.

“New music: new listening. Not an attempt to understand something that is being said,for, if something were being said, the sounds would be given the shapes of words. Just an attention to the activity of sounds.” ~ John Cage

In a world full of sound we are proposing a series of small concerts that are unique journeys into an interior landscape of musical composition. Whether instantaneous or written down, each concert will be an original sonic viewpoint.

For more info call Maureen 406.431.9931 or Mj Williams 406.422.3690