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Wood & Wax Exhibit Opens October 6


We are thrilled about our upcoming exhibit, Wood & Wax, featuring a handful of talented artists who’ve dedicated their craft to working with two beautiful and challenging mediums in diverse ways.  They’ve shaped, molded, painted, carved, sanded and melted in means that promise to surprise and delight.

When: Opening Reception Oct 6. Show runs through Nov 14.

Where: 1+1=1 Gallery, 434 North Last Chance Gulch

What: Casual panel-style gallery talk by the artists from 5:30 to 6p. Wine/appetizer reception 6 to 8p.

Who: anyone interested in fine contemporary art, folks who want to learn more about woodworking and encaustic; adults and children. Everyone is welcome.

So … Wood and Wax:

Our woodworking artists, John Andrew, Tim J Carney and Dan McArdle continue to enchant our gallery customers with the evolution of their art while our encaustic artists, Darla Myers and Joyce Watts Coolidge test the limits of possibility when it comes to creating with wax.

We hope you can join us for Opening Night. Come anytime between 5p and 8pm, especially between 5:30 and 6, to hear what the artists have to say about their work.

John Andrew makes his turned bowls almost exclusively from Helena trees that have died of old age or disease. He harvests, roughs out and dries sections of tree trunks for several years, then forms them into stunning works of art. He fills the wormy parts of the wood with minerals like copper, turquoise, azurite and malachite, emphasizing the beauty and life story of each tree.  From tiny bowls of box elder to huge flared forms of green ash or spalted maple, there will be something for everyone in this new body of artwork.

Tim Carney places great personal care in every single piece of wood he touches. His new collection consists of elegant furniture pieces and smaller functional items.  Tim’s work is serene and comfortable– sculptural art hand crafted with soul. Two enormous slabs of quilted silver maple have become a large dining set of unfathomable beauty.  It’s hard to adequately state the impact of this piece.  Also, a fresh rocker of rustic-walnut; gorgeous hardwood burls made into sculptural bases for ikebana or candles; and a standing keepsake cabinet that can be used to showcase any type of collection.

Dan McArdle, our favorite wood carver ever, has been perfecting his techniques and stretching himself in the studio in preparation for this show. Wow has it paid off! He has two new equine carved relief sculptures that we can hardly wait to share with you! The details are just so powerful — and the subjects are so different for Dan. Also of note, Dan has been carving more birds (with a special surprise for Prickly Pear Land Trust supporters,) native prairie scenes and rivers.

Joyce Watts Coolidge creates mystical abstract spaces with wax, handmade paper scrolls, fibers (horsehair–oooo!), wood and pigment. These contemporary encaustic sculptures are both fragile and strong; with such intimate details they are meant to be viewed up close.  Joyce’s pieces remind us to pay attention, to persist, to claim our resilience. This exhibit is her first show outside of Alaska and we are thrilled to have Joyce at the gallery.

Darla Myers’ contemporary encaustic landscapes focus on the way light moves through a forest canopy or over the land, and draw us into her expressive depictions of our beloved Montana environment. Darla’s pieces are larger this time around and she really plays with color, light, line, movement and wax layering.  They are striking– vibrant and bold and breathe fresh life into any space.