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Big Sale of Gallery Items

Art gallery pedestals and risers for sale
Risers of all footprint sizes and heights

From June 10 – July 20, everything gallery-related is for sale

We are moving out by July 30

Since we have closed 1+1=1 Gallery permanently, and need to move out of our space, we are selling everything gallery-related that belongs to us (i.e. not the walls, ceilings or floors.)

First thing on the sale list is ALL of our pedestals (plinths) floating shelves and risers

Our pedestals and shelves were built by Tim Carney in his furniture shop (that means they are sturdy and super well built). I was lucky to have a partner who knew his way around a woodworking shop to say the least! Anytime I needed more pedestals, or pedestals/risers in different sizes, all I had to do was call him and send him the dimensions and he’d bring them over usually in a couple of days. Ah, the luxury! Anyway, we’ve used these pedestals for up to10 years and painted or touched them up countless times. They are all still in great shape.

I would love to know these pedestals, shelves and risers are going to find new homes in other art galleries, retail stores — or even in homes and offices.

If you want to purchase just one or two pedestals or floating shelves for your home, you can paint them to match your decor. We have always painted them a warm white to match our gallery walls. They made need a little touch up if you choose to keep them white, and we will gladly supply the name of the paint color.

All pedestals, risers and shelves are priced per cubic foot

We calculated our prices the same way they would be priced if you were to buy them online, or if you had them custom made. But our prices are aLOT less, because

    1. we want to sell them quickly
    2. they are used though in great shape
    3. we built them mostly before the prices of materials skyrocketed and we want to pass along that savings to buyers
    4. remember, if you live in or near Helena, you can pick up the pedestals and save lots on shipping

Interested buyers, please email me at my personal email maureenshaughnessy (at) gmail (dot) com for a list of prices on what’s available. I do not have separate photos of each pedestal or shelf.

Here are some photos of the pedestals, floating shelves and risers we have for sale:


Watch for more posts about other gallery items we’ll put up for sale in the coming days and weeks.

Check back on our website or Instagram often. We will also be announcing a big in-person sale of smaller items, through our email gallery updates list. If you don’t receive Maureen’s love notes already, please subscribe here so you don’t miss that announcement!

Items that will be for sale will include reception supplies such as wine glasses, serving dishes and platters, mugs and cups made by our artists, art supplies, lots of tools, exhibit-hanging supplies and tools, metal storage shelves, wood shelves, file drawers, cabinets, step-stools, bulletin boards, cup-collector-cubby-shelves, and much more!

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Just for comparison, here are pedestals you can order new from Pedestal Source