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Ciana Williams, Young Artist


Hi my name is Ciana and I am ten years old. I like taking  classes at 1+1=1 because I want to get better at art. Since I started taking classes, I have learned lots of different techniques for making art. I enjoy the classroom setting because there is lots of space and you can change location if you need to. 

Sometimes when I need ideas of what to do I just start doing things and then other times I look around me and see what I can look at and that gives me ideas. Last summer I found a tomato in our garden and drew the tomato. It is still one of my favorite drawings. 

Once when I was painting downstairs, my mom started playing music and I started dancing to the music while I was working and it made my art more loose and I liked it better. It’s the painting I am working on for Central School. Some of the feelings I have a lot are silly, quiet, nervous, and happy. I am bad at talking about my feelings but art helps me to express them. My  mom thinks I’m a goose!!

One of my favorite things to do in art classes is making linoleum blocks. I like doing lino-blocks because they are soothing to carve and print. I also taught my mom and little sisters how to do them. I am just learning how to make an ombre´ out of the ink. (she goes off script here, showing us her linoleum block prints.)

On my wooden sculpture I used seaweed from Oregon that we found on the beach when I was looking for seashells. I asked my mom what it was, she told me, and then we took it back to our camper to dry out. We brought the seaweed back home with us and later when I asked mom, “Do you have anything I can use for my sculpture?”  She said, “Yeah – I have this dried seaweed from Oregon”.  By putting it on my sculpture, I was showing ocean waves crashing onto the boat . I call it “Ocean Spray.” 

One piece that gives me a lot of emotions is “Fireworks,” because when there are a lot of fireworks going on at the same time, it makes me feel excited or happy, like at the Symphony Under the Stars, when all of the fireworks go off at the same time.

I like using colors. In almost all of my pieces I use color because it makes them stick  out. I enjoy using using multiple colors together, I like using orange, pink, and red. I also like blues, greens and yellows together.

Thank you all for taking the time to check out the Young Voices showing. I hope you find something you like and want to take it home with you. 50% of all art purchases will go to the non-profit organizations that we chose, the Lewis & Clark Humane Society and Helena Food Share. 

Here are Ciana’s pieces for sale: