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Evey Linden, Young Artist



Hi, I’m Evey Linden. I am 13 years old and I go to Helena Middle School. I wasn’t sure of what I was good at and I wanted a passion, so I started taking Maureen’s art classes. They taught me a lot about myself. 

After taking my first art session,  I understood my style. I am a very bubbly artist and I tend to go with the flow. Typically,  I get my ideas from real life. I will take a minute and look around to see what I can re-create or modify in some way. 

I usually name my art pieces after feelings or what I think a professional artist would name their artwork. Art makes me very happy. It is a very good feeling to know that something you made and put time into can inspire others. 

Art is a beautiful thing. One of my favorite pieces is called “Fromage.” It is a collage of many pieces of painted wood. It is inspired by a bakery in a city I used to live in, Kigali, Rwanda. The bakery was at a hotel called Novatelle and it is where I spent all of my time in the summers. It smelled of fresh bread and fancy cheese. They sold mini pizzas for about 3 dollars, they called the best one, fromage, that means “cheese” in French. This is a forever memory of mine, and inspired this piece.

Another one of my favorite pieces is called Dionysus. This piece is named after the greek god Dionysus. The medium is spray paint. When creating this piece, I was trying to make it look like something I wouldn’t make. I started out making a solar system, and I evolved it into something completely different. This just goes to show how indecisive I am. But, this is actually a good thing because usually when i change the whole direction of my artwork, i get the best results.

Thank you for attending our show and staying to listen to all of the wonderful artists, I hope you enjoy our pieces just like we do.

Here are Evey’s pieces for sale: