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Justin Terry, Young Artist



Hello, I am Justin Terry, thank you for coming to this years young voices art show. For me art is a good way to work through things and it can also be really fun if done right. If everybody is in a good mood. 

When making art I don’t think about it. I start working on it and if  I don’t like it I can alway add more, cover up, and change it. 

Art helps me express my feelings because I can put everything I am feeling into my artwork with different colors and textures in a piece of art. For example in my piece titled “Sky” looking at it now makes me feel kind of scared. I get that feeling because there are a lot of aggressive lines and textures going in all different directions. 

My favorite thing to do in art class is make sculptures because I primarily work with abstract art and sculptures are a great way to express abstract concepts. I can’t pick a favorite piece, but one of my favorites is my piece titled “Zoom” — Zoom takes place in space and it shows a bunch of floating colorful objects where they are and when they are from is up to the viewers imagination to decide. 

All of my art was made if not over the course of several days then over the course of several hours. My mood changes a lot over that much time, so I think my art shows many emotions not just a single one. For instance “Beam of Light” has a mainly angry feeling but at the end I put the white triangle in the middle giving it a lighter vibe. 

My style of art is abstract and abstract art is something that I didn’t used to think of as “real art” . I always thought of abstract as below realistic art and I never thought it was something that paid professionals would do.  Picasso is one of my inspirations. Picasso’s early work was for the most part, all realistic and he switched to abstract not because he couldn’t do realistic art anymore, but because he liked abstract more. I, however, cannot do realistic art. Yet. 

I would like to thank the couple who gave me a scholarship for these classes and this opportunity. Remember, we are donating half of all proceeds to the Humane Society and Helena Food Share Kid Packs.

Here are Justin’s pieces for sale: